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How Old Is Mr. T?

Remember when you were a little kid and you’d meet some other kid in the playground or at school or in a store? One of the first questions you always asked was, “How old are you?” You were a little obsessed with age. You certainly didn’t want to play with a kid too much younger …

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She’s Back

One year ago I attended a party and met a woman who truly fascinated me. Or at least, her ego fascinated me. I had described her as “celebrity-lite.” She is a minor (very minor) TV personality on one of the local daytime talk shows.But she wore her negligible fame like a twenty-carat tiara. I was …

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Just An Excuse To Draw Something Silly

Have you ever seen “Lucky” magazine? I kept seeing references to “Lucky” on fashion web sites. It’s a magazine devoted to SHOPPING. Well, that’s right up my alley. The name of my alley, as a matter of fact, if that alley was called Shopaholic Street.  I could use (yet) another source for sampling the latest …

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I noticed over the last year or so that my favorite catalogs have changed. Or perhaps I have. There are two retailers in particular where I used to buy almost all my clothes. They were stylish but age-appropriate. What I used to call “Classic with a side of Funk.” But I have been gradually and …

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I Hope He Kept The Receipt

My husband and I are having the BEST disagreement EVER! My sweet and exasperating husband has a tendency to go a little overboard sometimes.  Which drives me crazy when it is dicing vegetables or watering the plants. When it is buying me presents – well –  I can tolerate it. This year he outdid himself.  …

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I was a really skinny kid. My knees were the biggest part of me. Big bony joints set in the middle of some weird twigs. It doesn’t matter so much when you are eight. Everybody’s knees are scabby wonderlands anyway. Miniskirts were popular when I was in high school in the sixties. I was still …

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