Nancy Roman

A Helping Hand

Ah, Husbands.

Their contributions to blogging are never-ending.

Just yesterday, I wrote so sincerely about the sweet decency of the man. (“My Husband Secures His Spot In Heaven”) Yes, he is heaven-bound. He is a saint.

An annoying saint.

Yesterday, I also said I would be back to laughing at his eccentricities today. And I figured that I would pull up one of my old posts – and there were so many to choose from.  (“Let Me Hint Louder” “Cutting The Cheese” “I Solve Life’s Neurological Mystery” – I can go on and on.)

But I don’t have to re-blog an old post.

He’s even quicker than I thought he would be.

Because last night I made a very nice anniversary dinner – well, okay, I warmed up very nice Thanksgiving leftovers. I had turkey and stuffing in gravy, and some butternut squash and cornbread pudding.  And he loved it. He was very appreciative.

Now he doesn’t exactly say, “Can I help with the dishes?” No – he always phrases it, “You don’t need me to dry anything, do you?”

And I said, “No, I’m okay – I just have the skillet, and everything else can go in the dishwasher.” But then I turned around and saw that I had the big heavy casserole dish from the squash. It wouldn’t fit on the drainboard, with the skillet there. So I hollered (in a very sweet way) to Hubby in the den, “I can use your help after all – to dry the casserole dish.”

“No problem,” he said.

And he ran to the kitchen (well, he almost ran), and he grabbed a clean dishtowel and took care of that heavy slippery dish for me.

Happy Anniversary.



  1. Gotta love ’em!


  2. mysending

    He’s probably so proud of himself, to boot!


    • He was insulted when I laughed at his ‘help.’


      • mysending



  3. Now that’s thoughtful. Really hard to maneuver around those things.


    • And he came all the way in from the den to turn it upside down for me!


      • And he remembered to put a cloth under it….how many times it just gets flipped over on the non-clean counter..arrrrgggg


  4. Al

    Did you not show him my blog?! Have him call me.


    • Ha – no I cannot show him your blog – for fear that it would lead him to mine!


  5. Yeah, men are not perfect, even the really good ones. 🙂
    At least he did come when you hollered…I mean called nicely.


  6. Yes. Sometimes we can’t live without them and sometimes it would be quieter if we did. Mine last night stuck two branches from the Christmas tree under his arms and told the Tween that this was me when I need to shave 😉 Needless to say that they both thought it was hilariously funny and I just sighed.


    • Actually pretty funny! My husband would never poke fun at me… which is why he totally doesn’t get it when I laugh at him.


      • Mine pokes fun at me all the time however I know that there is nothing hurtful behind it. 🙂 (Can’t say the same about the ex though… probably another reason he is an ‘ex’)


  7. And were you thinking “I could have done that myself?” Because that’s what I think when I have helpers like that here.


    • Yeah. Though I admit I am mystified the other way around…. “Did he really come back into the kitchen in order to put the wet dish down for me?”


  8. *sigh* Just once I would like to be able to see inside their head to see what they are thinking when they do stuff like this. Maybe he needs a new hamster for the wheel.


    • If it is a male hamster, a new one won’t be much better.


  9. A good man is hard to find! 🙂


  10. Lol, they are problem solvers 🙂


    • Let the Games Begin!

      (1) TURN OFF THE WATER BEFORE TRYING TO REPLUMB THE TOILET! Also never EVER ask your wife to go in the (shudder) basement ESPECIALLY when light bulb is burned out.
      (2) Giving a 5 year old the dust buster is NOT the same thing as vacuuming.


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