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I‘m taking a few days off, but I wouldn’t want you to miss me… or worse… NOT miss me –  So here’s an oldie but goodie:




When I was seventeen, my sister’s boyfriend came home from his first semester at a New York acting school.

He had a new word.  “Heavy.”  Like in, “Those jeans are so heavy.”

I was a lifetime proponent of “Cool.”  But oh, “Heavy” was so cool.

So I went back to high school, dropping “heavies” all over the hallways. I was very heavy (except that I was 96 lbs, and I feel I need to include that fact, since I adore saying it.)

Then about six months later, on “The Mod Squad”, Linc uttered this emotional phrase: “Heavy, man.”

And I knew it was all over. Back in those days, the term “jumping the shark” hadn’t yet been coined. But the concept was there. If it was already on TV, it was already passe.

And that was the last time I was ahead of the curve on colloquial language.

If I said “cool,” the cool kids said “hot”.  Then the hot kids said “fine,” and the fine kids said “smokin'” — and the smokin kids said “sick.”

And I gave up.

I can pretty much guarantee that if I even hear an expression, it’s outdatedIf it finds its way out of my mouth, it’s ridiculously old.

For example, my little factoid about being 96 lbs is called a humblebrag. But I am sure it only used to be called a humblebrag.  Since I know that word, it’s certainly OUT.

A few weeks ago, a nice blogger suggested very politely that I use PFA instead of the words I did use, “pulled right out of my ass.”

But acronyms are even worse for me that outdated words.  Mostly I don’t know what they mean, but if I do know, they are either incredibly dated or make me look like I’m trying to be sixteen.  I won’t even use OMG, because I will immediately become (in my mind, and probably in the reader’s mind) a teenybopper airhead.  (But I better not say “teenybopper.”) (Or “airhead.”)

I know ROTFLMAO. But I can’t say that every time. Sometimes I am not ROTFLMAO. Sometimes I may just be chuckling a bit under my breath. (CABUMB?)

I read the stuff my cool (hot, smokin–I don’t know anymore) niece posts on Facebook, and it’s full of ” *** ” and “wifeys” and “Bwahahas”, and I guess I can figure it out, but sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s a fabulous (blazin, sick) new expression or a typo.

I’m old.  I’m sticking with “Cool.”  And I will suppress the urge to respond to TRDMC with LSMFT.  (For those notquiteold, that’s “Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.” ( See?–We had acronyms back in the olden days.)



  1. bwahahaha


  2. And of course,, LSMFT also had another meaning…. 😉


    • Holy crap… I just had to look it up. Poor innocent me.


      • LOL!!! – sorry, couldn’t resist…. Yes, you are innocent!


  3. This definitely made me laugh!!! 🙂


  4. I must admit that I kind of like WTF. It just says so much.


  5. Is that really the acronym WTF at the bottom of your post? It looks like embroidered calligraphy and so pretty, it couldn’t possibly mean WTF, but maybe What the Fart? Teehee, just made that up. “Cool” post – I didn’t even know what LMAO meant which my daughter’s friends kept using on Facebook until I asked my daughter contritely and making her promise not to tell her friends about how not “with-it” her mom is….For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s “laughing my ass off”. There I said it!


  6. To begin with, I have no idea what ROTF mean and I hate that.
    I have been years BEHIND, even in high school, regarding the latest speak so I understand how you feel.
    These days, my grandkids say things (9-1/2 and 6) and I feel like a dinosaur. 😀 It’s all Chinese to me…or is that Greek?


    • And when I finally GET IT, it’s too late.


  7. Funny, I still use “kool” as well, but I a have always spelled it with a “k”. I think it might be a ’70s thing I never got over.


  8. The company I work for has a high level team to approve big dollar project$. They’re known as the “Operating Task Force.” You can imagine the acronym that has been used instead == HA HA HA!

    Have fun on your time off!


  9. “Cool” is in my everyday vocabulary. Awesome as well. Both greatly overused and out of date. But I guess I’m old and just say what feels familiar. But the WEIRD thing is I knew what your abbreviations in your title meant before I read on! We excel in BOTH worlds! Enjoy your time off! See you later, alligator…


  10. Hey YGG …YOLO
    Miss you already!


  11. Al

    Far out, man!

    Don’t be gone long.


  12. newyorkvagal

    love this- i am defintely going to use CABUMB


  13. Hilarious — and I relate completely IYKWIM 🙂

    I just found you through Words We Women Write! So glad I did!


  14. Let the Games Begin!

    Neetsy keen, marvo, fab, gear, boss, cool, rad, gnarly, dude.


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