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I Look At Clouds From Both Sides Now

Another Oldie-But-Goodie while I take a few days off….


Yesterday, I went to the ophthalmologist (gee, that’s a weird spelling, but that’s what spell-check says and I believe that little spelling-bee guy inside my laptop).

I have had this eye problem for a couple of weeks.  “Floaters,” they’re called, and lots of people have them.  But my floaters are taking over my left eye.  Not-so-little blobs are running around in there… sort of like my neighbor’s runaway sheep.

So I had it checked out.

I have “Posterior Vitreous Detachment.” As the ophthalmologist described it, the thick transparent fluid (vitreous) that fills the bulbus oculi (eyeball) has detached from the retina.  In layman’s terms, my jello has shrunk away from the sides of my bowl.

It is not dangerous, but it’s not reversible either.   The floaters happen because now my eye can see its own cellular debris.  The doctor assured me that it will become less distracting in time, simply because my brain will get used to it.

It’s not so bad; I can live with it.  Except for this:  The ophthalmologist said, “PVD is an age-related condition.  A natural part of the aging process.”

Oh, really?

Listen up, Sonnyboy.  Maybe you should get your vision checked.

Don’t you see these leg-lengthening slim stylish whiskered jeans?

And how about these fabulous chocolate pearl drop lever-back earrings?

The collagen-plumped lip gloss?

There is nothing about me that is age-related, kiddo.

Why, I even have an iPhone in my purse.

(Well, okay, I concede that I have a purse.)

Me in Glasses... very "Wayne's World Garth"

Me in Glasses… very “Wayne’s World Garth”


  1. Sigh….so many things are age related, aren’t they??


  2. Would your floaters like to meet my floaters? I’m sure they’d have lots to talk about. 😉


  3. That opthamologist (sp?) should have his head examined! 🙂


  4. Sigh … that ophthalmologist (and yes that is the correct weird spelling ~ I once lost a bet with my retired MD husband over it) should choose his words more carefully!


  5. How old was this ophthalmologist?


  6. Oh I know. I know. It sucks to age…


  7. You told that youngster off, didn’t you (if only in your mind).:-)


  8. I put my floaters in a little white wine and they feel oh so much younger.


    • I went to my regular optometrist some time after I wrote this post, and she said it was a “doosy.” I told her I thought it was a lot like the state of Massachusetts, and she said that she could totally see that.


  9. My appointment with the ophthalmologist is next week for the same thing. Spelling it is one thing but can you actually say that? I sound like daffy duck when I try. I am disappointed that there is no remedy as I can’t imagine getting use to this. Right now it is making me crazy!


    • I wrote that about 2 years ago. The floater is still there, but I have gotten pretty used to it. It’s the worst in really bright weather. But sometimes it does improve a little because the floaters can kind of “sink” to the bottom.. my sister’s were like that.


  10. Here’s what I think: I want a doctor who treats me, not my age. When he/she pulls the age card, I’m outta there. What’s modern medicine for? Us Boomers, that’s what. 🙂


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