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The Best Book I Ever Read

In memory of Annette Funicello, I am re-posting my essay about Annette:


We haven’t had much snow this Winter (Autumn, however, was ridiculous).

We had a little snow last weekend, and as I looked out over the slope of our backyard, I thought about sledding. And the image of sledding always reminds me of…

Annette Funicello.

When I was about ten, I became friends with a girl in my class. Maureen only lived two blocks away. I don’t know why we hadn’t made friends before. I have no idea whether she was new to the neighborhood or the school, but I have no recollection of her before fourth grade.

I loved Maureen’s house. Specifically, her front yard.

(I pulled this picture off of Google maps, and then blew it up.  It’s not your eyes; it’s pretty blurry. Of course, I could drive over to Maureen’s old house and take a photo. But I’m sitting by the toasty woodstove and I can’t possibly…

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  1. RIP, Annette.


  2. I didn’t know she had passed until I saw this post. She led the way for quite a few of todays big names. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, Kerri Russell, Ryan Gosling, Lisa Whelchel…that list goes on. She was admired by many.


  3. ha! i reblogged yesterday too because of Annette’s death (and Margaret’s). But, rather than a tribute to friends and Annette it is more a tribute to my failing memory. ;o)


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