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I’m Stickin’ With It

Another rerun while I play hooky…


I’ve heard it said that when you find a style that suits you, you should stick with it.

I’m not sure who said that – it was definitely not one of my mother’s pearls – but if I had to wager a guess, I’d say:

Liza Minnelli

Over the years I have developed a fondness for cardigan sweaters.  I love a cardigan sweater over a cami.  I love it with jeans, slacks, crops, skirts, shorts.  I’d probably even go for harem pants, if I could add a cardigan.

Cardigans are figure-flattering, no matter what.  Having a skinny day?  Button in at the middle, and give yourself a teeny waist.  Chubby today?  Leave it open and the two sides will give you a nice vertical line–very slimming with that one stripe of camisole down the middle.  I prefer a white cami, just about always, although a pop of color is sometimes nice.  Like off-white.

So the other day my husband and I stopped at TJ Maxx so he could buy some new underwear.  He’s responsible for his own laundry, so I have no idea why he needs six pairs every month or so, but that’s his business.

Anyway, while he was contemplating whether he wanted to try those new bermuda-brief things, I wandered over to the sweater department.  They had a whole new shipment of cardigans, and the price was excellent.  I was especially drawn to the pale gray-green and the orchid.  These colors would really work with my wardrobe, so I bought both.

So now I have an almost complete cardigan collection.

It’s almost complete, because I’m thinking about going back for the ecru that would fit nicely into this mix… and I could always use a paler blue.  Or a darker green.

I have some print cardigans too – argyle, paisley. floral.  Because they add significant variety to my wardrobe.


  1. The BIG question is do you have shoes to match all those cardigans?


    • I probably have that many shoes. But they all hurt.


  2. Lisa

    Sweater hording, perhaps? I’m sure there’s a show on cable for that. 😉


  3. Beautiful colors! I’m sure your are quite the Maxxanista!


  4. Michelle Gillies

    I’m with you on this! I especially like how a cardigan can cover up and sometimes control that under arm fat waving thing.


  5. Lisa

    That would be “hoarding.”


  6. Most excellent, We must be sisters, I have a great love of cardigans myself (with camis).


  7. My mom always says that! She find a piece of clothing she likes, then buys it up in every color. 🙂


  8. Wow, that is quite a collection! I wish I could rely on cardigans but they just never seem to look right on me. (too boxy, too clingy, or they flop around too much when unbuttoned, etc. etc. etc.). I’m rather envious that you’ve found such a great formula that works!


    • Not that I’m such an expert, but I would try one size smaller than you THINK you wear. You are probably quite a bit smaller than you think.


  9. I don’t wear cartigans well either but love seeing them on other ladies. Quite a collection and the colours are delish.


  10. A rainbow of cardigans…..beautiful to see.


  11. Dor

    I Believe – in the value of cardigans now. No one could say it better even though buttoning up in the middle will never give me a tiny waist. 😦 But can there really be that many in your collection?


    • I wrote that back in August, so I have to confess that now I have three more.


  12. I have a few cardigans, but my favorite ones are two of my husband’s that I held onto when I was going through his closet. Wearing one of them makes me feel loved again, and safe. But I can’t wear them out in public–they are huge on me!


  13. My husband makes fun of my bazillion cardigan (The Mr. Rogers Collection), which I’ve been accumulating since the mid 90s. I unfortunately gravitate toward black, gray and camel colors. I wish I had more bold colors like your collection. Maybe this means I need to go buy a few more. TJMaxx you say? 😉


  14. When I shop (which is rare, because I haaaaate to shop), and I find something that strikes my fancy and my body, I make it a habit of buying one of each color……….. and if I can possibly do so, I buy online. I like your cardigan ideas, sounds like something I’d do!!


  15. OMG! I thought I was cardigan crazy! I am sompletely jealous of your collection. Cardigans are one of the greatest creations on earth. They keep you warm, are very stylish and can often be found for a very reasonable price. Not to mention they can pull any outfit of seperates together for one cohessive look.
    I am a total fan!


  16. It is almost a complete color chart, I am impressed. I do notice a shortage of purple… fear not, I have enough of those for both of us!



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