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Practically Perfect

When last we met (well, almost every time we’ve met), I discussed a few of my husband’s little quirks. It’s probably my laziest subject – there’s not much challenge here. He has so many quirks and I watch him – and them – incessantly. But fair is fair, so I figured I should now reveal …

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How I Won The Dance Contest

I’ve been an ungrateful little blogger. Bloggers love other bloggers, and they like to give each other prizes. The first time someone presented me with a blogging award, I was happy – but skeptical. When you accept on a blogging prize, you have to pass it on to five, seven, or maybe even fifty-seven other …

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Most evenings, I watch TV with my laptop on my lap (which is why it is so named). TV is better if you don’t pay too much attention. So I write my blog, read other people’s blogs, converse on Facebook, and play Words With Friends and Spider Solitaire. Usually all at the same time. Most …

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So….My last post was my most successful ever.  ‘Ever’ meaning three months. I had a surprising number of views – and I am even adjusting for the new weird way that WordPress seems to be counting views.  I think their new methodology may be akin to every kid getting a trophy at T-Ball.  But whatever.  …

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