Nancy Roman

Not Quite Old Blue Jeans

Today is a jeans day.  We have no dress code at work, and very casual is the rule.

So today it’s knee-length blue jeans.  Bottom of the knee, which is odd, but somehow leg-elongating. Faded, with a slim fit, they have a little slit at the hem so I can bend at the knee.

My co-worker says I look really skinny, which is almost as good as looking young.

Okay, so she’s my subordinate, and has a vested interest in flattering me. 

Even insincere compliments count.


  1. I wrote about going to Nordstrom Rack back in July with my daughter where I found “Not your daughter’s jeans”. They’re wonderful! I think you and I are similarly slim and I would recommend them. Not only do they fit but they”re adorable.


    • At breakfast, just yesterday, my husband saw me looking at a NYDJ ad in this month’s O Magazine. He said, “Pretty sexy.” I need to buy a pair right away!


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