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Edward Scissorfeet

I love blogging.  There is no better way to complain. It’s therapeutic. This is the second time in six months that I found this when I went up after breakfast to make the bed: This is the foot of the bed. On my husband’s side. Despite the evidence, I am not married to this guy: …

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Cutting The Cheese

One of my favorite expressions is “light-hearted”. I love all that “light-hearted” conveys: happiness that lifts the heart; the weightlessness of joy. I am light-hearted. I am easily pleased and I don’t worry much. I look for the best in people, and I’m quick to see the humor in everything. It’s what I like best …

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Not Quite Paris

I may live in – as my husband so delicately puts it – East Bumf**k, but I am one of the most sophisticated BumF**kers in town. I say this despite the fact that I missed the trend change from bootcut to skinny jeans.  I was only a little late getting hip with the latest style. …

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Let Them Eat Cookies

Usually on the weekend, I bake bread. I like baking bread. Kneading the dough is very therapeutic. And the house smells fabulous. And of course the bread is delicious. Unfortunately,sometimes I just don’t have time. Like this weekend. But I threw together some blueberry muffins, so we had a few day’s worth of breakfasts ready. By …

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It’s Dicey

My husband keeps me guessing.  Just when I think I have him figured out… I like to cook but I hate cutting stuff up.  Even salad is too much of a chore. Years ago,  I got in the habit of just buying the stuff my sister-in-law calls “Yuppie Chow” – salad in a bag. Then …

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Power Hungry

My home has now been without electric power for five days. We have some power, as we have a good size generator, so we are been better off than some folk.  The generator powers the heat, hot water, refrigerator, and a few lights – and what is most important – the well.  Not being able …

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It’s My Own Stupid Fault

I complained with vigor two weeks ago that men can’t find anything.  (“Where’s My Hat?” Asked Waldo) Almost everyone agreed that it’s true. Men have no “looking” skills. But now I must confess – that at least in my case – it’s my own fault. I have created my own unseeing monster. I married when …

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Let Me Count The Ways

I laugh at my husband – a lot.  This is because I find human behavior very funny, and I get to observe his behavior more than most other humans.  Except myself of course.   I watch myself obsessively… and I am a riot. My husband can be ridiculous and he can be annoying, both of which …

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Too Much Togetherness = Too Much Information Several years ago, we built our dream home. Many people warned me that building a house is a dangerous test of a marriage.  But to my delight (and surprise) my husband and I turned out to be terrific team.  Together we bought a beautiful piece of property and …

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