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Entertainment Tonight

Heaven forbid I should ever criticize anyone’s taste. Different things appeal to different people, and who am I to say one preference is better than another? Except. My husband’s taste in TV. Now that I spend all evening with my laptop writing my blog or designing outfits on Polyvore (and I have a 10th place …

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My 2012 Resolution Report Card

  You know how they say the first step to achieving your goals is putting them down in writing? On January 1, 2012, I published my 2012 New Year resolutions.   So how did I do?   I DID GREAT!!!!! Here’s the original post, followed by my Report Card: **** I’M GOING BIG Every year …

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He Scores!

Everyone likes lists. The Top 100 Books Of All Time, The 20 Worst Breakfast Foods, Ten Biggest Bugs of North America, The Six Stupidest Politicians…(maybe that was sixty). And you know who REALLY likes lists? iVillage. I signed up for emails from iVillage several years ago. At the time, I thought that I would get …

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Dancing In The Dark

I am thrilled to report significant progress on my 2012 goals. I am ever so much closer to being a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars!” That’s right.  My quest for the Mirror-Ball Trophy has taken a dramatic leap forward. I often need to get up during the night.  Usually because of the needs of …

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I’m Goin’ Big

Every year for the last umpteen years, I make New Year’s Resolutions. I keep them modest, so that they are achievable.  Pick up my shoes. Walk on my treadmill twice a week. Save a few dollars. But even with very small goals, I don’t have much success. So this year – as long as I …

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