Nancy Roman

Dancing In The Dark

I am thrilled to report significant progress on my 2012 goals.

I am ever so much closer to being a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars!”

That’s right.  My quest for the Mirror-Ball Trophy has taken a dramatic leap forward.

I often need to get up during the night.  Usually because of the needs of my very old cat, but also because of the needs of my notquiteold bladder.

We live out in the country and our nights are very dark. So we have several night-lights scattered around the house.

Last week my husband got a great deal on a package of new night-lights.

They are a little modern for my taste, but they’re light-sensitive and so they illuminate automatically in the dark.

So Hubby put two in our long upstairs hallway and one in the master bath. And no more stubbed toes or bumped noses.

And the added bonus:  I get to rehearse for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Because when all the lights go out, and the night-lights come on – Voila!



  1. Your nightlights made me laugh—mainly because we found a bunch when we were cleaning out my father in law’s house. I plugged one into the bathroom because it is just nice to have one in there, walked past the door later that night and wondered what the red glow was. By the time I opened the door it turned to green…..then blue…..I think they are the same kind as yours. I had to take it out—it was just too much!! But since you are hoping for the Dancing with the Stars gig it will work for you!


  2. You can have the first completely choreographed Potty Dance routine!


  3. No more fumbling around in the dark, just dancing!


  4. RVingGirl

    Get in line behind me Nancy. I am going on that show first. Just have to work on one more move… granddaughter said the other day that she wished I was more like her dance teacher…..why? Because her teacher can do the splits so I am working on that one.
    Love your sexy night lights……woohoo!


  5. Well, aren’t they colorful! Makes going to the bathroom a beautiful trip.


  6. I can’t wait to read your post about how the neighbors have been seeing the Aurora Borealis in the night sky recently!


    • especially when they are all glowing at once.


  7. Oh My Goodness, this made me giggle, I need some of those! I love Elyse’s comment as well!


    • I would have posted video too, but I couldn’t embed it (I think because you have to pay for that upgrade). But the swirling everchanging reflection on the ceiling is something to behold.


  8. Ooh, a fancy bathroom light show, I’m so jealous! Thanks for the laugh!


  9. bigsheepcommunications

    Ooooh, fancy!


  10. Ha! All you need now is a disco ball! Groovy.


  11. How KOOOOOL is that?! I mean, how colourful. I’ve got night lights too but they’re white—B-O-R-I-N-G—now that I’ve seen yours. I feel like a country bumpkin.


  12. Diane

    I hope you don’t scare your very old cat!


    • As far as I can tell, the cat hasn’t noticed. The same can’t be said for my very old bladder.


  13. Androgoth

    This is a very nice posting
    with lots of wicked colour 🙂

    Happy New Year 2012



  14. I’ll never think of my night light any other way now. Thanks for the vision.



  1. Dancing – allaboutlemon

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