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The Evil Trickster

After twenty-two years of loyal service, our precious scale died just before Christmas.  It stayed the loving companion to the end – expiring with the sweetest gesture a scale has ever delivered.  With its last dying breath, it said I weighed 87 pounds. My husband buried it in the cellar – because he can’t throw …

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I Hope He Kept The Receipt

My husband and I are having the BEST disagreement EVER! My sweet and exasperating husband has a tendency to go a little overboard sometimes.  Which drives me crazy when it is dicing vegetables or watering the plants. When it is buying me presents – well –  I can tolerate it. This year he outdid himself.  …

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Merry Christmas


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The Best Day

When I was a kid, do you know what my favorite day of the year was? Yeah, okay, Christmas. (Good guess.) After all, I was a little girl who loved dolls and clothes and anything wrapped up. And unwrapping stuff. And tree-trimming and angel decorations. And parties and singing. And staying up late and getting …

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Just You Wait

I am not the bravest soul. (See “Fraidy Cat“). I am afraid of downhill skiing, motorcycles, clowns, and – I confess – sushi. But I summoned up my courage on Monday, and went to the Day-After-Christmas Sales. The scariest part of D-A-C shopping is the parking lot. I don’t mind parking far away, but just …

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Just What I Always Wanted

Christmas can be a stressful time. Many folks have trouble sleeping, what with worrying about buying presents, making dinner, travel plans, family issues, etc. So I think I should apologize for having added to your anxiety. I’m sure it has been difficult surviving these past few days wondering incessantly: Did my husband buy my Christmas …

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Away In A Manger

Everyone’s welcome at Christmas.

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A Snow White Christmas

I recently wrote about “Snow White and The Smelly Dwarfs” – but it is Christmas time and I also have a sweet (rather than smelly) Snow White story. This is an except from my as-yet unpublished novel.  It’s a fictionalized account of the Christmas when I was five.  But it is not so very fictional… the …

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O Christmas Pan!

I met my husband in November 1989. By Christmas we were pretty much living together.  We weren’t kids – he was in his forties and I was thirty-eight. So we didn’t see much sense in taking it slow. Over decades of dating I had learned one thing about love. You’re better off not expecting him …

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