Nancy Roman

Just What I Always Wanted

Christmas can be a stressful time.

Many folks have trouble sleeping, what with worrying about buying presents, making dinner, travel plans, family issues, etc.

So I think I should apologize for having added to your anxiety.

I’m sure it has been difficult surviving these past few days wondering incessantly:

Did my husband buy my Christmas present at Cabela’s?

Finally the suspense is over.


Since I’ve experienced the spectacle of  Cabela’s first-hand, I know that there are a few girly things you could buy there  – a NY Yankees lace-collared sweatshirt, powder blue camouflage mittens, silk long johns, even a purse with a secret compartment for packing your ‘piece’.

Do you see what he chose?

Look closer.

Yup… that’s not my present to him.  That’s his present to me.

The Alpha Power Muff Combo set.

With 24dB NRR protection.

And not only that!  As a bonus it comes with High-Grade Poly-carbonate Eye Protection, with FOUR (count ’em) interchangeable colored lenses.

One of the lens options is pink.  That is as feminine as all get-out!

And my sweet guy chose this present for the most loving of reasons.  He wants to spend more time with me.  Because now we can go to the firing range TOGETHER.


Can you imagine?   With a present like this…He TRUSTS me with a GUN?????


  1. pharphelonus

    Love it! That’s like the CD he loves and wants you to love, too. LOL.


  2. He is a man of super-human bravery. Really.


  3. Doc

    A gun? I don’t even trust C with a knife. Not because I fear for my life. She’s just a bit too clumsy at times. I usually perform the function of her sous chef on those rare ocassions when she will cook. Hope you had a pleasant day.


  4. Bhhahahaahahahahaha! That’s truly funny. He’s a gem.


  5. Your husband obviously needs to start reading your blog!


  6. Now that’s romantic. He’s a keeper.


  7. Hmmmm….I got a Phillies t-shirt (I hate baseball) and a cap with the ear flaps that come down (for helping with snow removal like that’s gonna happen!). I did get some nice things I actually wanted and nothing from Home Depot. Gotta love ’em.


  8. Made me laugh! How funny. He must love you lots!


  9. Funny. Your posts always make me laugh. At least he wants to spend more time with you!


  10. Debbie Tringale

    One year my Mother got my father the saw she (he) wants. HaHaHa Are you sure they aren’t for him?


  11. RVingGirl

    You win the prize this year for most unusual gift I have to say. Fabulous man you have married my dear. Sweet!
    My husband showered me with way too much and I am sure glad he did but the best present was watching him open my surprise gift to him. I got him good!


    • Okay … now I have to wonder incessantly what you gave him!


  12. This is a perfect gift….for me! How did you get so lucky I got a new vacuum that I didn’t even know I WANTED/NEEDED. Whatever. I could really use your gift right now.
    The blue on your blog looks absolutely beautiful tonight. Makes me want to hang around and read more.


  13. I guess I’ll have to find a Cabela’s for our anniversary. We just moved from the West Coast to Tulsa, and my husband has been invited to go shooting or join a gun club more times than he can count. I though he would just need a gun and a concealed carry permit, but those ear muff type things look quite sexy! And in the spirit of our new life in Oklahoma, he got me a pair of Bowling Shoes for Christmas. Good Times!


  14. Well, always give something you’d like to get…You should give him a nice strand of pearls.


    • Excellent idea!


    • That is hilarious !!!! Or an ankle bracelet. Or a hair clip. Oh, the ideas go on and on !!!!!!


  15. He definitely had the best intentions..didn’t he? I suppose that he trusts you with a gun speaks volumes. Gotta laugh….:-)!


  16. So when is your date for the firing range? At least you won’t need to bother doing your hair that day or putting on make-up–cause nobody will get to see your efforts in that get-up!

    I bet your hubby is very pleased with himself, though…as if he just presented you with the world at your feet…gotta love the way men’s brains work!

    Have fun shooting and don’t forget to provide us with pictures of the big event!


  17. EXactly: With a present like this…He TRUSTS me with a GUN?????

    I peed myself. FUNny.


  18. rolling with laughter. great


  19. That’s funny. I would loved to have seen you open that gift. I’m always a little apprehensive when I open my gift from hubby. By the way, he did great this year.


  20. My husband would be too scared to give me a gift like that. Like he says, “I have to sleep sometime!”


  21. Oh. Oh my.


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