Nancy Roman


So….My last post was my most successful ever.  ‘Ever’ meaning three months.

I had a surprising number of views – and I am even adjusting for the new weird way that WordPress seems to be counting views.  I think their new methodology may be akin to every kid getting a trophy at T-Ball.  But whatever.  If they think they will make me happy by saying I am very popular…well, yes, they will.  I am that needy.

But on the other hand…  my fabulously popular post was the one with the HORRENDOUS photos of me trying on glasses. 

Oh yeah, folks just clicked and clicked.  I think maybe some of you guys came back three or four times.  And you clicked on the photos to look at them nice and big, too.

A few weeks ago, one of my blogger friends was expressing consternation at not being able to figure out why some posts are successful and some are duds.  I shared with him my philosophy:  “When my blog post is successful, I think I am a genius.  When it flops, I think there must be something wrong with WordPress.”

So how am I supposed to feel about a successful blog starring Me Looking Bad?

My ego is extremely confused. 

But I have decided to interpret this in my own special self-centered way:  “You like the way I write, but you’ve been jealous that I was so gorgeous. So now you like me more knowing that I’m almost like a regular human. I have bad hair days too.  Bad face days, actually.”

But here’s another wrinkle (no, not on my face). Just last week, a sweet friend who is a very talented professional photographer offered to re-do my blog photo.  She thinks I could look better. Now it’s wonderful that she believes I am prettier than my ‘good’ photo. And it’s so tempting to think I might someday have a photo where I may possibly even look beautiful.  And if anyone could perform this miracle, she could. But she also said that my current pic doesn’t capture the real me.  That it doesn’t look like me.  Now that is a dilemma. 

Because I think I like that picture – a lot – because it doesn’t look like me.



  1. Oh, heavens. What has WordPress changed?

    I sometimes find myself surprised at which posts of mine are popular. But all writers run into that, don’t they? It’s like pilot season on network TV. No one is ever sure what folks are going to like, never mind WHY!


  2. RVingGirl

    yes, I can see that the attraction originally may have been that you stated it was the bravest thing you were doing, posting photos of yourself not at your best. Though I read ALL your posts, I was drawn into your ‘net’ trying to see how bad maybe you could look. lol but honestly it was not bad at all. At your worst i am not sure I could match you.
    anyway I LOVE your style, your humour, your topics and much more. I often think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”
    you are FAB! and look FAB too.


  3. bigsheepcommunications

    Here’s my personal guideline for choosing a profile picture. If it doesn’t make me cringe every time it pops up on the screen, it’s good. There are very few photos that fall into this category.


  4. Two perplexing things: photos of ourselves and our blog numbers. I don’t think we can explain either one!


  5. So I posted an old picture of myself last week that my husband thought was lovely…my stats hit triple digits…kind of scared me…I like my small community of blogging friends, so I took the picture down and rewrote the piece a little. All is right with my world again and I like my small world stats. I’ll use your title to express my thoughts now “Not Picky, Just Discriminating.”


  6. I agree. The posts that I think are AWESOME get nothing, nada, The ones that are written willy nilly or just have nothing “deep” or of worth IMHO (I know you like those acronym things!) get slammed with hits. That makes no sense to me but I am just happy if someone comes and reads!!! Profile pictures—-there is no good picture of me so I just let it all hang out!!! Great post today, btw!!!


  7. I found mine from some photos that were at least 5 years old. Oh, it looks like me, alright and geez, you know what? I look at least 5 years younger!!! No “work” required LOL


  8. When I set up my blog picture, I considered using my favorite shot of me which is (you won’t believe this!) a 12-year-old DMV driver’s license shot. I had long bouncy hair and no wrinkles. I just couldn’t figure out how to get it in the system! I think people read blogs because they connect to the writing. I can never figure out what is going to be popular or what day to post. Like someone else said, I am just glad someone, anyone, enjoys something I wrote. Love your blog. I can ALWAYS relate!


  9. You write well and about things people relate to. That’s what brings them back. I have no idea how people arrive in the first place, but its the quality that keeps them around and you are a quality lady.

    Just enjoy.


  10. Posting photos of yourself is always a tricky business—there are very few photos of myself I can even stand to look at, let alone post. But believe it or not, I’ve been planning a entry about those few photos. Like Miss Demure said, however, if you write well about things people can relate to, that’s what will attract people. I know that’s all I hope to do. Have a great day!


  11. I was mystified, too – although it appears their problem as far as the math has been corrected – but it was never skewed in my favor. . .you were lucky!

    Did you see my post about it?

    They still have that pesky problem with Zeroes discrimination and defamation. . .


  12. pharphelonus

    I think you are lovely.


  13. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    My solution to all photos from blogs to twitter to facebook (not including driver’s license and passport) is to choose some iconic stock photo, use it, and take on an entirely new personna.


  14. Hey, you and Jamie Curtis. Pretty good company, I’d say. You both look pretty dang good to start with, and both brave to show the “real” version to the public. I’d guess we all just thought “How bad could it be?” and checked it out-sure enough, not bad at all.
    Besides, just take all of those high hit numbers and smile. Some of us never see those.


  15. One of my most popular posts was about my mother-in-laws cookbook, which was posing as my very own copy. More views, more comments, more of everything. The most popular – over time, however, has been one I wrote about caffeinated pants. Go figure.


  16. I think you are mistaking our motives in looking again and again. I for one clicked on it 45 times trying to decide between the last two pair. I still can’t make up my mind. Better click a few more times.

    But I find the ones I really like are the ones no one else does, and the ones I post because of that godawful pressure to post are the ones that everyone likes. Go figure.


  17. At the risk of confusing your ego more, I only clicked once and it was because it (like this) was a darned good post that had (has) it all–laughs and great pictures. That they happen to be of you is just a real nice bonus. 🙂


  18. Androgoth

    Well I usually scare everyone off with my Profile pictures but hey it’s just me, scary is my middle name and I have the Space to prove it 🙂

    When we add our true photographs in Profile pictures we are being authentic and that is what I like about peeps that offer them, but don’t get me wrong here because I have some very dear friends that I have known for years on these blogging networks and they always choose a graphic instead of their true image, that is their choice and I am fine with it, though to be honest I do prefer a real photograph…

    Now you look absolutely fine in both of these
    photographs, both are you my friend and that
    is all that matters 🙂

    Have a delightful rest of evening now my friend…



  19. I only clicked once because I know whatever you write is hilarious.


  20. I am still smiling and laughing…..great conversation/entertainment! Thanks!!!


    • I also love the conversation that follows the post! Thanks.


  21. Often I will visit a site and either look around (again) or re-read what it is that I “thought I had read” so I make more than one visit.

    Traffic to a blog is one thing, comments is another, you should feel good about your comments, you are currently swimming in them. Writing every day is often a chore, and the proof is in the pudding, good stuff out, good stuff back.

    Just remember, it is a fickle medium, what you put out, is not always what it is that you get back.

    If you are enjoying a good comment base, and loyal readership (136 following), you should be pleased. Take one atta-boy outta petty cash for a job well done sis, and don’t spend a lot of time worrying about all the rest of it.



  22. I love your blue eyes. And I appreciate your wonderful sense of humor. Only you would be so self-deprecating. You go girl!


  23. I think I just had a self-realization while I was reading your post. The reason that I never like pictures of myself is because they look like me. I never thought about it that way, believe it or not; just always figured every photographer catches me at a bad angle! Thanks for the revelation!

    And I think you should keep your current picture, by the way!


  24. “Now it’s wonderful that she believes I am prettier than my ‘good’ photo.”

    OMG, I love that line. That’s what I tell myself all the time…I think I’m a whole lot cuter than any photo I’ve ever seen of me! I’m definitely NOT photogenic.

    If you want a few laughs, go to picnik and try their photo editing. With that little tool…even I can turn out beautiful!!! (they’ve even got one to make you skinny!)

    And for the record, I think your profile pic looks great 🙂


    • OMG (I can use an acronym!) – I just went to and got the BEST result = exactly what I wanted in two minutes. THANKS!


  25. I let “getting real” so your post is GREAT!! I like people who are don’t put on airs. Just as there is no place like home, there is no-one like YOU. Happy to hear you’re comfortable with yourself—as you should be! Thanks for a REALalistic point of view.


  26. I think you look good in both of the photos. I also thought in every picture in the prior post you were wearing the same glasses – like you said, the differences are slight when you step back.

    I hate the digital age because in the old days, by the time I’d get to the end of the roll and get around to getting it developed, I’d look at pictures of me and say “Oh, I don’t look like that” and “I’ve lost a LOT of weight since that was taken.” Now when someone flashes their cell phone at me and shows the picture a nanosecond later, that excuse sounds a bit hollow, even to me.


  27. You never fail to end with that oh-so-just-perfect twist of unexpected humor. Love your ability to put yourself out there..and laugh!!!


  28. Your pictures from the preivious post look great. And the side by side above both look like the same person.
    As for WordPress post popularity, even though I do check the dashboard to see if I had hits, I’m usually pretty happy when I manage to say what i wanted in the post.
    If no one reads it, well, I suppose I can live with that.

    Though I might start throwing the word “sex” in my post titles when I need more hits…


    • I’m thinking “Naked Sex with Vampires and Zombies” might get me a new record.


  29. I always love your posts, they’re funny and lovely ~~ and so are you !!


  30. I puzzle over these things too. I did a post about glasses a while ago and got a lot of views – and a lot of spam! I wonder if our tags invite more spammers – I STILL get views from people searching for ‘stationery’ too – a very early post of mine!

    I don’t understand it!!

    I’ve been very bad lately and not checked in much. I have a big catch up to do!!!


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