Nancy Roman

A Good Cry And A Good Deal.

Just a quick reminder that the Kindle version of my new novel, LUCINDA’S SOLUTION, is on sale this week on Amazon for just $1.99.

Lucinda's-Solution (3)

And we are on the home stretch, with only 1 day left to the sale. Then back to $4.99. If you have a Kindle, now is a good time to add it to your reading list.

The paperback is a great deal too, at $14.95.

LUCINDA’S SOLUTION is a historical fiction set in the aftermath of the influenza pandemic of 1918 and the end of World War I. Enormous changes were taking place in social structures and the roles of women in society.

Lucinda Benedict at seventeen has finally convinced her father that girls can go to college too. But when the influenza pandemic takes the life of her older sister, Lucinda is forced to step into her sister’s life, to become mother to two toddlers – and wife to a man overwhelmed by grief.

The story – although entirely fictional – was inspired by my own family. My great-aunt was pressured into taking on her sister’s family after the influenza epidemic – and this was not uncommon. With no social safety net, families needed to survive. And so families were rebuilt as quickly as possible.

But is love rebuilt quickly too?

Here is Lucinda on her first night in bed with her sister’s husband, now her own husband:

How would I know what intimacy he shared with my sister? Or whether he would ever share it with me?

I undressed with my back to him, in case he should waken. Given the warm night, I chose my lightest nightdress. It was plain but pretty. I loosened my hair. I laid down on the bed beside Martin, and I felt him stir.

“Goodnight, Lucinda,” Martin whispered. And he turned on his side with his back to me.

I was so relieved. I was so heartbroken.




You can find the novel at this link:  LUCINDA’S SOLUTION.


P.S. If you have already read Lucinda’s Solution, thank you so much.  I hope you will consider leaving a review on Amazon. (and if you were an early purchaser of the paperback edition that had deleted pages, please remind me and I will send you a new book.)


  1. Love the book and love that video: it’s perfect!


    • Thanks, Dianna. I created the video myself. Not bad for the first try… and it was rather fun.


  2. I just bought this. I’m really looking forward to reading it. Your first book was wonderful.


  3. ooh! Thanks for the preview – now I want to order it. I don’t have a Kindle, I love a REAL book 🙂


    • Thanks, MJ! Paperback is available too! I like holding a real book in my hands too, and wasn’t sure I’d like the kindle, but I love it. I love both.


  4. I read it back in November, and yes, I left a review. I loved it. I’m not easily moved to tears, but this one got me. Good work! 🙂


    • Oh thank you so much, Kath! You really made my day! Maybe my month! Nothing makes me happier than someone liking my writing…. which is a close second to making someone cry with my writing.


  5. Reblogged this on ugiridharaprasad.


  6. Just ordered it. Will do review.


    • Thanks, LBeth! I hope you like it.


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