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Sisters, Secrets, And The Junior Prom

Someone (many think it was Dorothy Parker) once said, “I hate writing, but I love having written.” That’s not me. I love writing. The part I hate is … well, every other part. Editing – grammar, spelling, punctuation. Formatting, covers, blurbs. Proofreading, followed by more editing. And, oh my God, the horrible waiting in between …

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A Good Cry And A Good Deal.

Just a quick reminder that the Kindle version of my new novel, LUCINDA’S SOLUTION, is on sale this week on Amazon for just $1.99. And we are on the home stretch, with only 1 day left to the sale. Then back to $4.99. If you have a Kindle, now is a good time to add it …

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It’s Here!!!!

My new book!   LUCINDA’S SOLUTION is a love story that encompasses the changing mores and the role of women from 1918 to 1920. The novel was inspired by my own family – especially how my paternal grandfather’s family coped with the devastation brought on by the influenza pandemic. LUCINDA’S SOLUTION is fiction, but hearing …

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There’s No Escaping Me

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a quote by one of my favorite authors. It resonated with me, and I posted it on my Facebook author page: Yes. Yes.  This is not only why I read – it is also why I write. I love taking myself to another world and living an alternative …

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Shameless Self-Promotion

I know it won’t last, but OMG! Amazon is offering the Kindle version of my novel, “Just What I Always Wanted” for just 99 cents through Friday. And what a success!!!! I made their best-sellers’ list in the category Humorous Literary Fiction – a category I didn’t even know existed. But what the hell!  BEST …

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Blurb Time!

I did it!  I finished my book! I’ve drafted and re-drafted and edited and re-edited.  and I’m done.  Time to move to my next step. My cover designer (how cool is that???? – I am going to have a cover!) reminded me on Sunday that even though it is extremely cool to have a cover, …

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That Final Push

I’m making a commitment!  I’m going to finish that final third of the third (and final) draft of my novel. I’m giving myself one month to get it done.  So I’ll probably be posting a little less often here, as I try to write something there. I thought I would share with you  the beginning …

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