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Sisters, Secrets, And The Junior Prom

Someone (many think it was Dorothy Parker) once said, “I hate writing, but I love having written.” That’s not me. I love writing. The part I hate is … well, every other part. Editing – grammar, spelling, punctuation. Formatting, covers, blurbs. Proofreading, followed by more editing. And, oh my God, the horrible waiting in between …

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A Good Cry And A Good Deal.

Just a quick reminder that the Kindle version of my new novel, LUCINDA’S SOLUTION, is on sale this week on Amazon for just $1.99. And we are on the home stretch, with only 1 day left to the sale. Then back to $4.99. If you have a Kindle, now is a good time to add it …

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Can’t Hardly Wait

In April of 1966, I was fifteen and a freshman in high school. There was some kind of evening event – a Spring Concert I think, although I now cannot remember. But back then, it was oh-so-important. And for some reason (or perhaps no reason at all) I wanted a trenchcoat to wear to this …

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An Excerpt

As I mentioned – okay,  SHOUTED – in my previous post, my new novel LUCINDA’S SOLUTION is finally available on Amazon.  Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature allows you to read the first several pages. But just in case that is not enticing enough, I thought I would share a scene from later in the story. In …

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