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Three Little Kittens – The Sequel

A few weeks ago, I shared a little story (The Pushover) about how a tough heartless family (also known as: us) took in 3 foster kittens for a temporary, 10-day stay. And how they stayed. Permanently.

IMG_20171113_093907_processed (1)


The little monsters are six months old now.

They are adorable, demanding, playful and naughty.

And hungry. I never saw such good eaters.

They will eat their own food, then our old cat Lillian’s food, and then they take on our dog Theo’s kibble. They do not care if he is eating it at the time.



They may be triplets, but they are also unique.

There’s Niko. He’s sort of the E.T. of the feline world. A friendly alien.



And Athena.  Beautiful, aloof. She’s Greta Garbo. “I vant to be alone.” Yes, I believe Athena has a foreign accent.




And then there’s Thor. He’s cuddly. He purrs. He drools. He’s a goofy-eyed dreamer.



They have managed somehow to sneak on their little cat feet into the very depths of my heart.

And how are the other little monsters adjusting?




Well, Lillian is not in love. She is still grouchy. But then again, she was born grouchy. She has increased her tolerance level however, to the admirable point where she doesn’t immediately hiss and hit. It is about a five second threshold, however. But the kittens have learned to count to five.


And then there is Theo. As much as Lillian is not in love, Theo IS in love  – totally. And the kittens love him back.

IMG_20171025_202332_processed (1)


Of course, they are not quite kittens any more. At six months, they are hell-raising teenagers.

They have learned to scale the baby gate to our storage area, which is just full of wonderful things like wrapping paper, tissue, and ribbon. And since these items are surely for gifts – they bring them to Theo, who cannot scale the baby gate. Theo happily tears these presents into tiny little pieces.

And they knock things off counters. They tip over water.

They explore in the potted plants.


They play the piano.


And as adolescents, they needed to have their hormones dealt with.

So one month ago we sent them to bed without supper. And in the morning we scooped them up into their respective carriers for a trip to the vet.

Almost. We scooped two of the three: compliant little Niko and affectionate little Thor.

We could not catch horrid little Athena. My husband and I chased the wily female until we were panting. But she was not. She could have kept it up all day.

And I had some deep battle wounds.

So we gave up and brought only the boys for their little-boy-surgery.

And consoled ourselves that at least there would be no incest under our roof.

And a few weeks later, we made another appointment. We sent Athena to bed without supper, and locked her in the small bathroom. No more hiding under the bed for her!

And in the morning, when my husband opened the door, Athena jumped over his head and hid under the bed.

And my husband had some deep battle wounds.

We will try again before Christmas.

And even though I am swearing at the monster as I write this, I have to admit that a part of me is impressed.

You go, Girl!



P.S. I had lots of fun on this post using the Prisma app for interesting filters.


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  1. Glad to hear that Theo is good with the decision. (It was a decision?…maybe not!) When you have older pets you forget how much energy (and work) the young’uns are. Gotta go. Gracie has her feather thingie and is demanding I play with her. She’s lucky I’m retired. I can see her coming to my work location with her feather and string and asking the guard to get me.


    • They sure demand all your time. I am spread awfully thin now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just What I Always Wanted should be made into a film. It’s that good! Great post. The photos are terrific. I’m going to try that Prisma app.


    • Thanks Patsy…. wouldn’t a movie be amazing???? But then again, I am happy just to hold my books in my hands. To see that they are real.

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  3. Love the illustrations!


    • Thanks Sonia… it’s a free phone app – Prisma – that allows you to easily have lots of fun with your photos.


  4. I really liked this post it made me smile and feel happy


    • Thanks Joanne, It is World Kindness Day. So in making you smile, I have done my small part.


  5. iamsallyrose

    Foster fail x 3! Way to go, Nancy. I really enjoyed reading Just What I Always Wanted. I agree with commenter, Nancy. It would make a good movie.


    • Thank you! Writing that book was the realization of a lifetime dream of mine. I am so glad you liked it.


  6. Joyce in Kansas

    What a trio! What fun! We’ve done the chasing thing, only our four cats are mostly outdoor cats. Still trying to get the big boy (13 lbs) for his annual shots! Hopefully this week.


    • Oh no! If our cats were outdoor cats we never would have caught them. They are so fast and always on high alert!


  7. Diane Tignor

    Great post! Those three are keeping you busy.
    Nice pictures too. Hard to get pictures when everyone is so active.

    Have to tell you, I just finished reading Lucinda. The story kept me turning the pages and I was throughly surprised by the ending. Great read.


    • Thank you so much, Diane. If you are able, I would love it if you could leave a review on Amazon. Reviews mean so much – not only to other readers, but are part of the algorithm by which Amazon gives a book good exposure. (and yes, for every good picture of a kitten I have 20 blurry ones!)


  8. I love it! We adopted two kittens 2 years ago. All the mischief you describe sounds all too familiar. One of ours enjoys tearing up the toilet paper. And getting into water. And knocking anything off the table or counter. They are frustrating but oh so lovable.


    • Ha! We had a little toilet paper mischief last week!


  9. Oh, I love reading about all your fur babies (and the photo effects are great, too!). Good luck with Athena; she sounds like a challenge!


    • She is a spooky little genius.


  10. How is it that cats always know you want to take them to the vet? I mean, they’ll let you pick them up on any other day, but on vet days – good luck!


    • We always take out the carriers several days in advance, so they get used to seeing them. But the day of the appt….. omg, they KNOW.


  11. Your post is so impressive with all the pictures and the way you narrated .you had a great love towards your cats, which is quit visible through your post.


    • Thank you, I do love them all a lot!


  12. Reblogged this on ugiridharaprasad.

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  13. Suggestion for cornering the diva—before opening the bathroom door in the morning, close every other door in the house. And did you know about grabbing cats by the scruff of the neck? It makes them relax so you can shove them into the carrier.


    • Thanks – we will give it a try!


  14. The images are so beautiful–is that an iPhone app? You could rewrite it into a children’s book about the three naughty kittens and their dog and cat friends. You already have it illustrated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have an LG phone (so an android app) but I am sure they have a similar iphone app. It is extremely easy to use, and lots of free filters for different effects. You may be on to something with the children’s book! I have one in a drawer somewhere I keep thinking about – and it is a similar story!

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is available for iPad and iPhone. I have it on both.


  15. Those kittens certainly ended up in the right family! And it sounds as if you have a wonderful household full of love and the antics of furry creatures….


    • We originally felt like we were saving them. But now we see how they are saving us.


  16. Sharon

    Sounds like you are having a three ring circus down there, but it also sounds like a lot of fun with those three!


    • It is a circus… but lots of fun.


  17. englishrose659

    Love the way you’ve posted those cats…so cute. Athena sounds like a real character

    Liked by 1 person

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