Nancy Roman

The Pushover.

This is a story of Three Little Kittens.

They were found behind a diner on a very busy road in Connecticut. It was a Greek diner, so the rescuer gave them Greek names:







Thor.  (The rescuer may not have been an expert on Greek names….)



These tiny kittens were so small they had to be hand-fed for several weeks. But they were strong and they thrived.

There were no takers for these kittens, however, and the rescuer still had them when they were fifteen weeks old.  The rescuer thought that for sure they would be adopted by that time – and she had vacation plans that were made a long time ago.

So she asked a friend – the PUSHOVER #1 in this story – who happens to be married to ME – to take the kittens while she was on vacation.

So Pushover #1 agreed.

So we got 3 little kittens for ten days.

On August 10th.

Oh, they were so cute.

Niko and Athena were very timid.


Thor was very, very cuddly.



And we had sadly lost our sweet Stewart just a month before.


So it was decided. We would keep Thor.



He had an eye infection. But Pushover #1 brought him to the Veterinary Opthamologist. (Yes, there is such a thing. They have little tiny eyecharts with with mice pointed in different directions. Just kidding. But not about the Eye Vet.) Thor got his medication and his vision is okay, although his eye will always be a bit deformed.

But we love him just that way. And with his weird non-directional eye, he sort of looks like a pirate.

He certainly has read lots of pirate stories. Here he is playing the pirate’s parrot, with some shoulder-sitting.


He is also a wonderful hairdresser, and so very valuable.


When the ten days were up, we still had all the kittens.

The rescuer was in stealth mode  – a gentle, loving  stealth mode.

“We need to decide,” Pushover #1 said. “Of course, we should keep Thor, but I think Athena is just the prettiest cat ever. Maybe we should keep her too.”

And Athena was indeed very pretty.


And so it was decided.

And a few weeks later, we still had all three kittens. And they were getting big.

The rescuer – in a gentle, stealthy mode –  warned us that if she need to place Niko, we had to give him back right away, before he was too big.

And Niko was still very very spooky.


“Oh Lord,” said Pushover #1, “Niko is so timid, and he depends on his brother and sister for everything. He will be lost without them. He NEEDS them. We cannot separate them.”

And that is where PUSHOVER #2 laid down the LAW.

“Okay,” said Pushover #2.




Lillian and Theo are adjusting.


It may take a while.





  1. Ray G

    So much for any “away” vacations for the near future, eh?
    I had heard that it was going to be TWO kittens (?).
    You just knew that it was going to take a post similar to this for me to reply, right?


    • Awww, how can we separate them???


  2. Ellen

    Two Pushovers with great big hearts!! Lillian and Theo look a little skeptical about this growing furry family. Heartwarming post. Thank-you for sharing.


    • We’ve had a houseful of cats before, but never with a dog. A bouncy, loud dog.


  3. Deb

    Really Nancy, what else could you do… 😉
    The expression on Lillian’s face is priceless!


    • I do not believe she possesses any maternal instinct.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Angie

    I have no doubt that this exact thing will happen to Hubby and I when the kids leave home and we are left to our own devices.


    • Pets calm your soul. Except for when they are making you crazy.


  5. Good for you! And of course good for the kittens!


    • We are all hoping for a “happily ever after”.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. All through this story I kept saying, “please adopt them, please adopt them.” At the end I was jumping with joy. Lillian, however, is not jumping with joy and Theo looks like he’s saying, “WTF?” I’m sure you had 4 cats when I started following you and so it is again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, we’ve had as many as five at one time – but never with a bouncy, loud dog in the mix.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love this! And I love you for taking all three. A feel good story for sure.


    • We have our moments of regret, but how could we not?


  8. Diane

    Lovely story. Well presented.


  9. Jenn

    Love love love this story of the three little kittens and the two big pushovers. Bless you for keeping them together. 🙂


    • It will certainly be interesting! And now to get them fixed – right away!!!!


  10. This post needs a “LOVE” button that I can click! !! How wonderful to see you and Pushover #1 with your sweet new kitties. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing with us!


    • I love it because I am that pushover and my hubby is very long suffering. He has also accused me of collecting every ugly dog I can find but of course, they’re all gorgeous to me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • They are really cute – and I have now gotten shy Niko to sit on my lap. Progress!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I look forward to future posts about your new fur babies!


  11. What a cute trio of kitties. I am so glad you kept them and I’m sure that Theo will soon be great friends with them. I love watching my dog and cat playing together. Lillian, well she will probably never like them cats rarely seem to like new cats in the household but as long as they don’t tease her all will be well.


    • Lillian is what my husband calls a recluse, which is an apt description. She will just ignore them, I’m sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. You are good people! Congrats! Your new pets are absolutely perfect.


    • They are all perfect, in each their own way. Just like us humans.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I love this!!! Oh the poor things. They looked so scared. And your husband – #realmenlovecats. The face of your other cat at the bottom of the stairs–PRICELESS


    • Lillian the Cat is definitely not impressed.


  14. Oh my gosh they are so CUTE! I love that you adopted all of them. (I also love the idea of the eyecharts with mice on, that is too perfect :D)


    • I didn’t go with my husband to the vet opthamologist, so I just used my imagination when Hubby said that the vet tested Thor’s vision and it was okay.


  15. jono51

    And people wonder why I’m down to nine cats. They just don’t get it.


    • Good Heavens! Nine????


  16. Not pushovers; big hearted folks. Who are pushovers. 🙂


    • Yeah. If you don’t want pets, you must never look at them. They melt your heart and it’s all over.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I love your writing style 😀 The kittens are adorable! Completely understandable why you had to put your foot down with Pushover #1!


  18. Where I came from they would say that you two are good people. I agree how could you separate those triplets.


    • To give back the shy one seemed so mean – we just couldn’t do it. And now he is sitting on my lap!

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Donna W.

    A beautifully told story with a very happy ending because of two beautiful people and their kind loving hearts. Nancy, God bless and keep you, Tom, your pets, and your home all the days of your very special lives. I love you guys. Donna XO

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Donna W.

    P.S. Nancy, your hair never looked more beautiful! :o)


    • I really got some volume goin’ on – thanks to Thor’s styling technique!


  21. Ruthie Rich

    great story! I loved it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  22. How incredibly adorable!!!! I too am a pushover when it comes to kitties. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How can you not be mesmerized by those little faces??

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Ray G

    Was the rescuer “we know who”, or someone else? I speak of the female whose name begins with a “C”.


    • We know two rescuers whose name begins with “C” – these little guys were from Tom’s horse-rescuer friend. She does kitties too. And anything that breathes. I saw her fall in a field trying to rescue a mouse who was in the path of a truck.


  24. Donna W.

    Nancy, I sent you an email. Is there a way I can share this particular blog with a few of my family members?


  25. Those darn kittens! LOL. Little members of the animal kingdom sure know how to sneak into our hearts!


  26. Awe…


  27. Ha Ha, I love this! I can just imagine the eye test “What is clearer? mouse 1 or mouse 2?”
    Your pets are all so unique and cute 🙂


  28. What a wonderful, funny story. You are good people (and Theo is very generous to share you).


  29. Oh my oh my oh my!! I was going to ask (near the beginning of the post) how you told Thor and Nikko apart…but then I could see the difference. And then I was going to ask how you ever gave them back given they were so cute and now I can see that of course you could not. That’s quite a house-full! I’m thinking you’re buying multi-cat kitty litter by the ton.

    But they ARE so cute….


  30. I’m smitten with your kittens!


  31. Rachel McAlpine

    Here’s a movie you will love, if I’m not too late: Kedi. About the cats of Istanbul.


  32. Laughed out loud at “they have little tiny eyecharts with with mice pointed in different directions.” But somehow I knew, at the top of the story, that these 3 little beauts weren’t going anywhere! If I had my druthers (and Hubby wasn’t deathly allergic) we’d have a couple of kitties, too. LOVE – please post updates! MJ



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