Nancy Roman


Today we cleaned, bagged, and froze twenty pounds of strawberries.

We have strawberries and/or blueberries every morning. Healthy breakfasters, that’s us.

So Hubby picked about thirty pounds of strawberries in the past week.(Five pounds already in the freezer; five pounds already through our digestive systems, so twenty pounds to fix today.)

I love picking strawberries, but I’m still working full time, while Hubby is retired, and the strawberry field is right on his way to the gym. Yeah, he has the life that I am hoping to have very soon.

We’ve tried just freezing them whole right from the field, Results are okay, but they are hard to wash once they’ve thawed, since strawberries don’t hold up quite as well as blueberries. So we wash and dry them, and cut them up for freezing. It’s not hard work, but to do so many is time-consuming. And finger staining, by the way. But I’m used to that. In our former home we had wild blackberries in our yard. One year, I stained my fingers so badly before a big meeting, I had to make a detour on my way to New York, to have a manicurist soak my fingers in Polident. In comparison, strawberries are a piece of cake. Shortcake, that is.

But it did take close to two hours to prep them all.

I stood at the kitchen island, which is a perfect height for me. But it was a little low for my husband, so he dragged in an old stool, so he could sit. This stool has been around just forever. One of those simple unpainted pine jobs. It’s been in the sunroom holding a big plant for a couple of years. And a few weeks ago, we moved it outside to the patio. But the plant was beyond help. My soft-hearted husband has a tendency to try to turn annuals into perennials. By that I mean he moves all the potted annuals into the house at the end of summer. Where I watch them slowly waste away, until my husband is watering dead sticks.

“It will come back,” says Hubby, standing over some sorry remains. “I can save it.”

So anyway, he grabbed this old stool that had been soaked from overwatering the dead stick, and then soaked lately from the rain.

But Hubby wiped it down and sat down and resumed his strawberry decapitation..

And halfway through the stool cracked and about a third of the seat crashed to the floor.

And Hubby swore.

“What a piece of shit,” he howled. “So much for all this whizz-bang modern technology…..”




Whizz-bang technology????

It’s a friggin’ STOOL!!!




  1. Well, I guess compared to the rocks our cavemen and women ancestors used to sit on…


    • Yup, the very latest whizz-bang technology, if you’re a caveman.


  2. I never thought to dub H as softhearted when he did the same thing to my plants! You are much kinder than I am. Lol! Picking blueberries soon! ~Elle


    • Softhearted and pig-headed – at the same time. And I like blueberry picking even more than strawberry picking!

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  3. How OLD is your husband?!!! Just kidding.


  4. Don’t men always say stuff like that when they think something is supposed to last forever?
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  5. I love this! I cant wait to be in…wait for it…HIS seat…some day!


    • I am counting down… less than a year until I can go to the gym during the day, and stop and pick strawberries…


  6. My husband says the same type of thing as he looks Angrily at whatever latest (old piece of junk) betrayed him. Ha! MJ


    • That stool should have lasted for generations! After all, it is the latest whizz-bang technology.

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  7. Men see things so differently from us – anything 50 years old is ‘vintage’ (except them, of course!)


    • And anything under 50 years old is brand new!


  8. mercyn620

    Hope he is not too sore for too long. But all those delicious strawberries will taste wonderful in the middle of winter.


  9. Prettu sure “whizz-bang technology” is a gateway phrase to “Get off my lawn!”


  10. Sooo, I guess I have to get some of the whizz bang modern technology stuff to break around here too so I can replace with whizz bang super modern technology stuff. πŸ™‚ We picked about 14 lbs of strawberries and ate or gave them all away. Hope there’s some left this weekend so I can freeze them.


    • I think he will probably repair the stool. I won’t get another whizz-bang modern technology stool.

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  11. Dana

    Am I the only one who has ever cut myself on a strawberry? I told people this, before and got very strange looks.


    • I suppose unripe strawberries could be sharp. Like a little arrowhead?


      • Dana

        No, I get a cut under my thumbnail every time I try to remove the little green leaves on top! Every time! I tried those hullers, but they never grab strong enough and slide off. So, I always wind up digging it out with my thumbnail; thus the cut!


  12. Hey, that is a 4-legged stool! The old-fashioned kind had only 3 legs. The best darn stool around.


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