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My Favorite Things (Part 2)

My housecleaning diversion this weekend:  What five possessions would I save if my house were on fire?

(Assuming my husband, my kitties and my family photos were all safe, of course.)

In my last post, I revealed my one big item – one thing that I could enlist my husband to help carry:  My antique camelback sofa.

My self-imposed rule required that I can only make one more trip, so my other four choices have to be all small enough to be carried out together. (Since Hubby will be busy carrying shit that has motors or triggers.)

So here’s my most precious small things:

1. My Grandma’s Beanpot:


Since my sofa is a memory from my mother’s side of the family (indirect though it may be), it’s only fair that I choose something from my father’s side. This was his mother’s beanpot. My Grandma made the world’s best baked beans. I haven’t tasted anything like them since 1961. But I still remember them. I wanted to inherit this pot very much. My mother owned it all these years, and last year she gave it to my oldest sister. My sister and brother-in-law actually still bake their own beans, so it made sense. But I was so sad I actually called my sister and told her that I really wanted the pot. “You can’t make beans in that now…it’s so fragile…something terrible could happen to it.” And you know what? She agreed and right away gave me the pot. Can you imagine?  Now I not only have the beanpot that I cherish, but I love my sister more than ever. I get a two-for when I save that pot.


2.  Creepy Cat.

I picked up this cast-iron doorstop at a flea market for $15.  Though definitely creepy, something drew me to this guy. I keep it at the end of the bed in my guest bedroom. Maybe a challenge to test whether guests really want to spend the night out in the woods with us. Five years ago, I had a mini-health crisis. I was calmly watching TV one evening, and was suddenly overcome with severe chest pain. I managed to get to the guest bedroom, heading for the bathroom, but I didn’t make it. I collapsed on the floor. My husband thought I was having a heart attack. And I did too. I lay on the floor waiting for the ambulance to arrive. And this creepy cat was standing right near me. I grabbed onto it and somehow its heavy sturdy little body comforted me. It took about 15 minutes for the EMTs to arrive, and I held onto that cat for dear life, wondering the whole time if it was perhaps the end of my dear life. I had my first ever ambulance ride with sirens wailing. It turned out to be only a severe gallbladder attack. I said goodbye to my gallbladder two months later, but I won’t say goodbye to Creepy Cat.


3.  This Drawing.


This is my own artwork. About eight years ago, my husband gave me a great set of drawings pens for Christmas. It was a wonderful surprise. I hadn’t asked for the pens. But he knew I loved to draw. The pens reminded me of the Christmas when I was sixteen when my parents gave me oil paints and canvasses. They thought I was good enough for expensive paints! And here was my husband saying the same thing. My problem with drawing and painting is concentration. I end up losing patience and making some stupid mistake. But with this drawing, I took my time. I took a month to draw this. I liked it enough to frame it. It reminds me of my family’s encouragement. And how much I can accomplish when I just PAY ATTENTION.


4. Lastly, here’s my dining table centerpiece.

pig tureen

It’s not expensive or old or rare. And it doesn’t really have any sentimental attachment. But I’ll need something to carry the other things in – so why not a pig soup tureen with an asparagus ladle?


What would you save?



  1. I love Creepy Cat and the centerpiece!


  2. You are very talented. I love the little guy picture. And I love your creepy cat and other quirky choices of thing to save. 🙂


  3. You gotta save the irreplaceable (and the irrepressible!)


    • What would you save?


      • A ratty old pillow my mom made me, a nice one Jacob made. The bill Clinton Draft Dodger my sister gave me just before she died. I also have a big item — I have my grandparents’ bed. Made for them as a wedding gift by my great grandfather who was a cabinet maker. It is beautiful.


  4. Your choices reveal a lot about you, and I love what I see! Some sentimental, some wonderfully strange, others oddly cosmic. I wonder what ~I~ would save? Thank you for the smile.


    • So….think about? Tell me at least one thing that you would save.


  5. Susan

    I remember the bean pot too! Save the things that remind you of people you love. I also agree, you have an amazing sister.


    • Weren’t Grandma’s beans the BEST?


      • Susan

        Too young, I don’ really remember Gram’s beans – just the pot (now, don’t get mad – i am younger), but I’ll bet my Mom’s were right up there with hers – since she taught her how to make them. My choices would be easier – I have a lot of Gramdma’s AND Meme’s jewlery – just pull one draw from my jewlery chest, and everything is safe…..


  6. We have a bean pot that’s exactly the same except for the colour. My husband is one of seven children and when his mother passed away, it’s one of her possessions that he asked to have.


    • Something about a bean pot really takes you back.


  7. Love creepy cat! My sister had a heart attack Tuesday. My world ended until I knew she was stabilized.

    I’ll bet that bean pot could tell a few stories and I loved your drawing of the young boy – precious!



    • I hope your sister if fine… my emergency turned out to be simple, but it was so scary at the time. Creepy cat helped me through it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • she is home now and on the mend = yay – and no creepy cat to be found 🙂 MJ


  8. I love your painting, Nancy. It’s fabulous. ❤ ❤
    I'd grab my iPad, but I couldn't carry all my books. I'd hate to leave them behind and it's too hard to pick only a handful. o_O


  9. Christine

    I’m glad you have the bean pot because I’d be tempted to use it. I had already switched to a new one when I gave it to you. The new one cracked and had to be replaced after just a few years , while Grandma’s just had a chip out of one of the handles after more than 60 years of use.


    • It has a place of honor in my dining room. And it’s the only room that the cats do not have permission to enter. (of course, that’s because of the Persian rug – and I will never buy an expensive rug again as long as we have pets. But it also keeps the bean pot safe.


  10. Most things can be replaced. I would like to keep an original water color painting by one of my favorite artists. I’ve had it for more than 20 years and it can’t be replaced.


  11. Karron

    Four things? My genealogy that I have spent 30 years researching and putting together. My son’s painting I had done from a photo after he was murdered. My jewelry safe, filled with jewelry that my granddaughters will inherit from me. I’ve been collecting for over 40 years from all over the world. My car. Ok, I would drive it out of harms way, but my 1993 Honda Del Sol is MY BABY! It is a bright blue convertible sports car. So all the other stuff would fit in it.


    • Oh, I am definitely assuming my bright blue convertible is SAFE! I have a little beemer.


  12. Sorry, it’s very late at night and no time to read the article now (later), but LOVE the couch!


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