Nancy Roman

Not Guilty Pleasure, Just Guilty

The Guilty Pleasures I recently confessed to are harmless enough… just a lapse of taste rather than judgment.

But we all do some things where our normal good conduct goes slightly awry.

And confession is good for the soul.

So let me confess to some slightly less than perfect behaviors:


Guilt Relief In Thirty Seconds:


We have cats.  Cats puke.  Sometimes when I walk into a room and see that one of our cats has thrown up, I turn around and give my husband time to find it instead.


My toaster oven does not cook very evenly.  When I make toast, one slice is nicely toasted, but not the other.  I usually give my husband the other.


When I buy something new, I don’t wear it right away.  I put it in a drawer for a couple of weeks.  When I finally do wear it, if my husband asks, “Is that new?”  – I say “No, I’ve had this for a while.”


I like to write (in my head) during a long drive. When I get a good idea, and I need some alone-time to think it out, I watch for a new BMW, or Ford, or …well, any car, really, and I say to my husband, “What do you think about that model?”  And while he goes on and on about cars, I have at least a good half-hour with my thoughts.


The above sins are not even original sins. I first blogged these imperfections three years ago. But I felt the need to purge myself again. And to fill up another post.


And finally, let me confess that I wasn’t even quite honest about my Guilty Pleasures.  Yes I love cheap drugstore makeup. And I tend to go a little overboard. But I may have misled you on the quantity.  Because I posted this photo of my makeup shelves:


But I feel bad  now, because I was a little dishonest when I took this photo. I have a tad more makeup than this. So here’s the real photo.


All done, thank you.  I feel better.


  1. Deborah the Closet Monster


    I aspire to have so many earrings!


  2. I have done everything you have listed here, except for the makeup. Makeup annoys me! 🙂


    • I can’t help it – I have loved makeup since I bought my first lipstick in 1964.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. And that’s why you look so pretty!!!


  4. Ray G

    I knew you weren’t perfect (is anybody?), but this is almost ridiculous! Just kidding.


    • But I don’t use it all at the same time. I just want to have a choice. (a lot of choice.)


  5. This post made me laugh!


    • Thanks – my favorite thing in the world is making someone laugh.


  6. I do understand about the cats, toast and husband management. But however do you decide which of each thing to put on your face in the morning? And then how do you find it? Also, you do know rancid stuff is deleterious to beauty, don’t you? So maybe 1964 is pushing it a bit with the lipsticks?


    • I admit that some of it is old. When I buy a new lipstick or whatever, I jilt my old one like a bad boyfriend. But I often can’t bear to throw it away… I might like it again someday.


  7. Had to laugh here. Make up, or make over? Blimey. Must admit I don’t wear the stuff, and the last thing I bought was a four shade eyeshadow which set me back just over two quid. Think you can put an 0 on the end of that or at least a 1 in front now!


    • I tell myself that I am only spending my cigarette money, and since I’ve never smoked…. well, then….


  8. Oh, goodness. I could NEVER post a picture of my closets. I definitely need a wardrobe adviser….


    • Oh there’s clothes and jewelry too. Good thing I have no children, because their college fund is in my closet.


  9. I have more makeup and jewelry than I’ll ever wear! had to laugh at you leaving the cat puke for the beloved to find ~ perfection 🙂


  10. You could open you own drugstore by the looks of your ‘stock’. Is all your makeup current. I have a makeup graveyard in the cupboard beneath my sink. This reminds me I should clear it out. Some of that stuff is from 1902 or something like that. 😀


  11. Number three is the one I most often use. Things have lived in the trunk of my car for weeks until they move into the house and then finally come out of the closet (so to speak) as something, “I’ve had for awhile”. Especially, purses & shoes.
    I have to say that really is an impressive collection of makeup. A little more overwhelming than the original pic. 😉


    • Yeah, I make sure I’ve had it all “for a while.”


  12. One more husband thing — if I drop some silverware on the floor while setting up for dinner, I will put that at my husband’s setting. As for makeup, I had a recent tragedy. Something was making my eyes watery and itchy. Most of my eye makeup is from the same manufacturer so I threw it out. Guess what? Yep, wasn’t the eye makeup, it was my new expensive bronzer that somehow gets in my eyes. Gotta go shopping.


    • The upside is that you can always buy some more!


  13. Christine

    Unfortunately, I can’t put my guilty secret here because my husband reads your blog!


    • I have such fabulous freedom because my husband NEVER reads my blog.


  14. I love this, I would perhaps seek help with the cheap makeup fetish though haha!


    • I will definitely seek help – once I start dipping into my 401K to fund my habit.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Confession is good for the soul. And thanks for that picture of Walgreen’s cosmetic warehouse. They have such a fabulous selection, don’t they?


  16. Hmm…my husband gets the same raw end of things. But I don’t buy much clothing or make up, so mine is good there. I would be interesting to hear the husbands’ guilty confessions.


    • I’d be afraid to hear my husband’s confessions… though I am pretty sure he backs out the room with the cat puke even more often than I do.


  17. I credit ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns with teaching me #3. Ricky: Is that new? Lucy: This old thing? 🙂 And it works for more than just clothes. I’ve successfully passed vintage purchases off as family heirlooms. LOL


    • My husband must wonder why I NEVER have anything new!


  18. Laughing my Azz off. I aspire to this few Guilty Pleasures, my list would have to go across far to many posts.

    Some of mine mirror yours, though now that I am single I don’t have to hide my new purchases any longer.


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