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Guilty Pleasures

Several years ago when I first joined Facebook  (maybe the word ‘joined’ isn’t quite right – how about ‘was sucked into’?), I thought that I was supposed to post interesting ideas and clever, intriguing thoughts. I didn’t know that all you had to do was post a iPhone photo of your dinner.


tuna sandwish

But life is so much easier now that I know. Sometimes I even post an iPhone photo of myself eating dinner.


Yes, Facebook is a piece of cake. (or souffle in the above case.)

But I was looking back to my early, earnest days, and I found a list I had drawn up.

My Guilty Pleasures.

Everyone has them. Stuff you secretly love, but your impeccable good taste makes you ashamed to admit to.

Here’s my list (slightly updated where I have new embarrassing affections):

1. Movie:  “French Kiss” – corny and implausible, but oh, the setting. And I love the terrible casting of Kevin Kline as a charming French thief. He certainly charmed me.

french kiss

And let’s add some runners-up here too: “Pretty Woman” (because I believe in Cinderfuckinrella)  and “Against All Odds” (because Jeff Bridges looked like this)


2. TV Show:  Back then, I said “Dancing With The Stars.” But I’ve rather lost interest lately. Well, to be honest, it’s because we really don’t watch anymore; my husband is boycotting, since the firing of Brooke Burke, who he would marry in a split second, if he wasn’t already married to a spectacular person (but he’d think about it). So now, I would have to choose “Say Yes To The Dress.” Where else can you see a bride-to-be try on a skintight strapless sequined mermaid gown in blush pink that reveals her many tattoos, while her mother says, “You look so classy!”?

3. Book: Yes, I am now reading the Pulitzer Prize winning, “The Goldfinch,” but in all the past ten years, the book that I read without stopping for things like eating and sleeping was “The Da Vinci Code.” I admit it.

4. Food: Hot Dogs. Horrible food; horrible for you. Always loved them; always will.

5. Snack:  Potato Chips. Not only do they go with hot dogs. They go with everything. But I don’t buy potato chips anymore. Because I can eat the jumbo sized bag all by myself. But my mother buys me chips, and I eat them at her house. She obviously loves me.

6. Money Waster: Drug store makeup. Sure, I have expensive makeup and imported face creams. My favorite lipstick cost $24 a pop at Sephora. But that doesn’t stop me from trying NYC lipstick off the rack at Walgreens for $2.99. Every week. My bathroom cabinet looks like this:


7. Time Waster.  My original guilty pleasure was online Mah Jongg. But I’ve come so far. I’ve been through Candy Crush and Pet Rescue, and still managed to write a novel. How I don’t know. Well, actually I do know. I hadn’t yet discovered La Belle Lucie. Or Polyvore. Or Pinterest. Or Twitter.

8. Song: What makes me smile when it comes on the radio? “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies. It’s not even a real band, for God’s sake; it’s a cartoon, for crying out loud. and I love it.

archies sugar

I’m so ashamed.


  1. Great idea for a post. May I use it sometime?


  2. Oh, yeah, I’m right there with you! I love cheeseburgers and candy corn. I read the “Outlander” Series. I was “GhostHunters”.
    I think this all makes us “well rounded”.


  3. Ray G

    Well, here’s a guy who also likes “French Kiss”, and isn’t guilty about it; just love Meg Ryan. And, what’s “The Goldfinch” about?


    • You: Meg Ryan. Me: Kevin Kline. It makes sense. “The Goldfinch” -so far anyway, I am on page 125, and that is only about 15% through – is about a teenage boy who loses his mother in a terrorist bombing of a museum.


      • Ray G

        Yeah, I have never met a woman who didn’t like Kevin.


  4. Are you enjoying The Goldfinch? I read it six months ago and I’m still deciding. It does stay with you, though.


  5. Oh..and I’m sooo with you!


  6. A great look back – I was consumed by The Da Vinci Code, and I loved everything about The Archies, I spent all my money on their comic books when I was a girl and sang all their songs!


    • I have to admit I was too old for the Archies even when the song first came out. But something about it is so appealing to me. I can’t explain it.


  7. Laurie

    Nice! I loved the Sugar Sugar song when I heard it on the radio. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Love the photos here. Kevin Kline was so cute. I enjoy photos of people at dinner. I also enjoy food photos. You love hot dogs and potato chips. We are definitely related.


    • Because my husband and I have changed over to a healthier diet, I rarely eat a hot dog nowadays. But it is untrue that you lose your taste for them. When I do eat one, it is amazingly delicious.


  8. Hey, potato chips are a vegetable and we all know veggies are good for you. Can’t say anything about that hot dog. Not even sure what’s in it. Don’t wanna know either.


    • Michael Pollan calls that kind of food “edible foodlike substances” – and that fits pretty well. But it tastes darn good.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Costco hot dogs – Kevin Kline in almost anything (check out I Love You to Death and Pirates of Penzance) – I even admit to Yes to the Dress once or twice, but only if Hubby is swapmeeting or something well away from the TV. Hmm, I’ll have to think about the rest of my list.


    • Costco hot dogs are like eating 4 hot dogs at one time…. not that I couldn’t do that!


  10. So funny Nancy! We just watched The Big Chill on the weekend with our 29 year old son & daughter-in-law. We laughed & we laughed over the length of Kevin Kline’s running shorts in this movie. Barely came below his t-shirt. I believe in Cinderfuckinrella too! One of my all time favourites, along with Under the Tuscan Sun. I mean, who doesn’t think about giving up their life some days & moving to some fabulous Tuscan villa!


    • I loved the “Big Chill” – I want those people to be my friends. And “Under the Tuscan Sun”! The best thing about it is that she finds that life is going to be good, even if it is not what she thought she wanted.


  11. Thanks for the laughs! (and yes, hot dogs – with chili – and chips)


    • Chili, mustard and relish, onions, sauerkraut, ketchup – or even just plain. It all tastes wonderful to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I’m reading “The Goldfinch,” too. I like it okay, but it doesn’t feel Pulitzer to me in the second half.


    • Haven’t got to the second half yet, but maybe you have been spoiled by the unsurpassed quality of MY novel?


  13. Dang. I never considered my guilty pleasures because I figured I shouldn’t feet guilty about anything anymore. I believe I’ve earned it all by NOW. 😀 😀 😀
    Great post, Nancy, as always. ❤


  14. Lovely post!


  15. Ha ha! I liked the Archies too (longest running No 1 I believe in 1969) but I go one step worse, I purchased a Bay City Rollers LP because I liked the cover! AAAAAAARGH!


  16. TV show – Brett Michaels Rock of Love
    Movies – any sappy chick flick will do
    Food – gotta be puffed cheetos
    Time waster – used to be marble blast but finished all the levels and got some of my life back. 🙂
    Money waster – online shopping for pretty much anything

    I bought your book, Nancy, and am looking forward to reading it. I have another book to finish first; I am a one book at a time kinda gal. ; ) Happy Halloween!


    • I like your list! I spend huge amounts of time online shopping, but mostly online ‘window shopping’. Thanks for giving my book a try! I hope you like it.


  17. Love this! I have far to many to mention and a few I wouldn’t mention in public.



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