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Fair Fare

I don’t recall attending any country fairs when I was a little kid. Fairs are big in Connecticut. From August through October you can go to Terryville, Goshen, Hebron, Bethlehem, Harwinton, Berlin, Durham, Woodstock – and about a dozen more.  Or you can travel up to Springfield, Massachusetts to The “Big E” – the Eastern …

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Guilty Pleasures

Several years ago when I first joined Facebook  (maybe the word ‘joined’ isn’t quite right – how about ‘was sucked into’?), I thought that I was supposed to post interesting ideas and clever, intriguing thoughts. I didn’t know that all you had to do was post a iPhone photo of your dinner.   But life …

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Ingredient List

My husband loves junk food.  But he hates to spend money on junk food.  So he buys the cheapest candy and cookies he can find. It’s my opinion (and therefore superior) that, if you are going to eat chocolate (or a cookie, or whatever) – if you are going to have all those empty calories, …

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