Nancy Roman

Commercial Interruption

Will be back tomorrow with my regular silly nonsense….



But in the meantime:

Now through Sunday, October 19:

 Amazon is offering the Kindle version of my book for $0.99!

This is a great time to try a brand new author!!   (namely, me)

And the reviews are really good!  You could add one!

Here’s the link!


 book cover small



PS – I might add that the paperback isn’t a bad deal right now either…. less than $0.03 per page.  Why, the paper alone is worth more than that!  And there’s a picture of me on the back that you get absolutely FREE!


  1. Thanks! I got it!


    • And THANK YOU! I think I am a better writer than I am a marketer, so also thanks for bearing with me….


  2. But wait! There’s More!!! Just kidding. Good luck with the promo!


    • If I could think of anything more, I would add it! Any suggestions? A veggimatic maybe?


      • Anything by Ronco would be just fine!


  3. Valerie Fletcher Adolph

    Got it! Even paid a whopping $3 for it on It pisses me off that we up north don’t get the same deals as .com When it floats to the top of my reading pile I’ll do a review


    • Well, if it is any consolation, I like you especially!


  4. Thanks! I got it too. Next week is vacation and I needed a new book to take with me. ✈️


  5. Yep. Some books specials are the same at, but not this one (and not the first one). No biggie.


  6. Got it! I’ll be taking it with me on our upcoming vacation in Hawaii.


    • Thanks… a couple of reviewers on Amazon said it was a great beach read. I hope you think so too!


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