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I rarely post poetry from my other blog (“With Resistance”) here on “Not Quite Old.”

But we’ve been discussing favorite actresses in my last several posts (Like Diane Lane).  And most recently I shared my love for Audrey Hepburn

My movie-star infatuation reminded me of some of my other Hollywood crushes. Which reminded me of a poem I wrote about a year ago.



I believed at seven
that given the chance
I could be Shirley Temple.
I could dance and sing
and cry at will
and I most certainly could
pull off curls
if my mother would only
show some effort.

By nine
I’d outgrown the ruffles
but Hayley Mills and I
had much in common.
I could squint and bite my lip
and spout that classy English.
On top of that
her hair was hideous.

In sixty-five I pierced my ears
Inspired and heartened
though briefly
by Mia Farrow
delicate and equally

In just one year
as classmates cried
for poor Zhivago
I wept in defeat
abandoned my Hollywood dream
before sixteen
Julie Christie smiled
and I knew my limits.



julie christie 2



  1. Ditto. All of the above. 😀


    • It’s a sad day when you suddenly realize that you will never be a movie star.


  2. Oh, a time capsule! Nicely done (and her hair was hideous – without the accent (and Disney), where would she be? Trapped in parenthood like all the ones who watched in the audience and squinted along? Thanks for the giggles


    • I adored Shirley and Hayley and Mia and Julie. Hideous hair and all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful! They were all favourites for me as well, however, I new my limitations early on and just admired them from afar.


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