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Once in a while, I have a weird and sometimes unwelcome compulsion to write poetry instead of silly stuff. So I recently added another blog, With Resistance, so I have someplace to throw those babies. Since this poem has a silly side too, I thought I would share it here as well.

With Resistance

I have a pain. It is a fist clenching.

Only it is not a fist. It is my chest clenching.

Many parts of me reside in my chest.

Located right here, for instance, is my heart.

I’m not panicking which could be worse

But I’m not denying the fist in my chest.

I’ve had tests. Doctors have measured me

Walking and running and watching electrical lines

Like lie detectors. And pictures of echoes.  All normal.

Rest Assured. So I rest.  There it is again. Clenching.

I wonder how many dead people heard

Don’t Worry

Just before they stopped worrying

For good.

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  1. Scary fist clenching symptom and I’m glad you did not panic. I love the idea of throwing poems onto another blog. 🙂


    • Thanks. I want to keep this one light – so that folks will know they can come here anytime for silliness.


  2. HA – Just jumped by from the other side. (I do like the color scheme and header here)


    • Thanks.. haven’t played much with the “look” of the new one. I only cared about having a good font for poetry. I may copy this one though. I’ve used this template since almost the very beginning. And I still like it. It’s individual enough for me (the header photo is my own) without being too distracting.


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