Nancy Roman

I Live In Infamy

I’m famous!

Last year I wrote a post about Lizzie Borden. In my blog idea notebook, I had written, “Lizzie Borden Mugshot” – but then I couldn’t remember what I meant.

I still don’t remember.

But it has paid off for me anyway.

Because when you search under Google Images for  “Lizzie Borden Mugshot” – you see my drawing on the very first line!


I recognize that I have risen in Click-dom because there’s a very finite (meaning miniscule) number of people who google “Lizzie Borden Mugshot.”

But …  nevertheless.

I also recognize that my drawing bears very little resemblance to the real Lizzie Borden.

lizzie again


This is totally irrelevant, but in my Google-searches, I did happen upon a face that did remind me of Lizzie’s:


Amanda Knox

I don’t mean to smear Amanda Knox. I personally believe that she is almost certainly innocent, whereas I also believe that Lizzie Borden was almost certainly guilty.  But am I nuts, or is there a resemblance?

But anyhow…

My drawing is only half my fame.

Because when you search Google Images for “Lizzie Borden Mugshot” you get something else.

On the THIRD LINE – there it is:



Yes, ME!  Right in the middle of all the Lizzie Borden pictures.

Me and Lizzie!

Should I be honored?

Or horrified?


(PS – my photo on Google Images doesn’t link to anything anymore.  But even so, I think you can move me up by clicking on it anyway. I’m going for the TOP LINE!)


  1. I say roll with it. BTW, I like the ‘last’ comparison picture with Lizzie. Shouldn’t there be a picture of her somewhere with less clothes on, like when she did the–deed?

    As always, a perky and passionate post, Nancy!


  2. I was inspired by your post to look up Wonderbutt on Google images. Amazingly, he is the first picture. Not so amazingly, there are many other disturbing pictures in that gallery.


    • WoW! There are lots of pictures of him… right alongside all those butt-crack photos!


  3. You are the SEO poster girl! Search engine optimization is the art of getting found online and risisng to the top of the heap. Businesses pay lots of money to get there. Your post is, as always, absolutely side splitting (pun intended re Lizzie Borden)! 🙂


    • I work for an online retailer… SEO maximizing just comes naturally.


  4. I like your Lizzie Borden picture better than the real one. As for Dor’s comment…groan. But It made me laugh!


  5. Does this mean, now you have mastered the art you will be sending spam? I love you show up along with Lizzie. Always enlightened, always worth a giggle.


    • I’m sure some of my Facebook friends think my blog IS spam.


      • They would never be so tacky as to think this, I don’t believe it.


  6. Susan Ritchie

    I “googled” Lizzie Borden Mugshots, and you are now on line 2, with 2 separate pictures!


    • And the bigger one connects to my blog now! Thanks all you clickers!


  7. Laurie

    Leapin’ Lizzies! I love your Lizzie. I think LIzzie and Amanda just have similar expresssions – Amanda’s brows are higher above her eyes. On the other hand, the shape of the brows is quite similar. I gotta go google Liz and see what Nancys I get


  8. Fame is fame. I say embrace it.


    • That’s what I think too. Except that it crossed my mind that some old high school classmate may stumble across it and think that I might have become a murderer. And some of those folks might think…”I KNEW that she was weird.”


  9. Chris

    Casey Anthony also makes an appearance further down – along with Tyne Daley and Mel Gibson! But you take precedence.


    • It’s nice that in my own little world, I am more famous than Mel.


  10. Clever girl! I say milk it for all it’s worth. It isn’t like anyone could confuse you with Lizzie.


  11. It’s a good thing. I find my blog is found under some very strange searches. Lately it’s been camel toe of the week and morning nakedness. Here’s to getting to the top!


    • I’m getting a lot more searches now that I have title one post “Yoga Porn.” I’m going to work sex and obscenities into all my titles from now on.


  12. You’re still No. 2! Way to go girl. But I don’t think Amanda (who I think is innocent, too) looks anything like that horrible Lizzie. Poor Amanda.


    • It’s so odd, but I still see it. the shape of her eyes and curve of her mouth. But I guess I am the only one.


      • Just don’t tell the Italian judges. Shhhhh. Poor Amanda.


  13. They say all publicity is good publicity, and I’m not trying to tell you your business, but if people are going to see your pretty face when they’re searching for a psycho axe-murderer, you might want less infamy and more famy.


    • Yes – I think all those old high school schoolmates are already saying, “I KNEW she was insane!”


  14. riding the coattails of infamy.


    • Unfortunately, it may be my only chance for fame.


  15. I guess any fame as a writer is good fame???? 🙂 I am so clueless about what makes things “pop” on the “wide-wide-web” that I am truly impressed that your face and blog pop up when Lizzie Borden Mugshhot is searched. Way to go! 🙂


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