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Filler – (While Distracted)

I have a new obsession that is stealing all my time away from blogging. I am going to blog about it. But right now I am too busy with my latest time-waster to find the time to blog about my latest time-waster. Give me a little while to let boredom creep in, and I’ll be …

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Please Don’t Come Back

Oh not you.  I love all you little clickers. No, it’s certain styles whose return I fear. This weekend, I was rummaging through a drawer and found this: I don’t remember the exact circumstances for this workplace photo, but I know it was taken about 1977 – when I was twenty-six. I have infallible, exquisite …

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Not Picky, Just Discriminating

This is the bravest post I’ve published so far. Because I am displaying eight (!) photos of myself, all unflattering. In none of these photos am I the oh-so-young looking, semi-adorable sixty-year-old.  No, I’m just your average sixty-year-old.  Way too average. But in my defense, I was just out running errands with my husband. It’s …

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