Nancy Roman

Closing The Gap

When I began blogging a year ago, I decided that I would never be political.

Not that I don’t have political opinions. Like most people who take an active interest in government, I am very self-righteous and opinionated. (Of course, not as self-righteous as I was in college when I knew everything.)

But Politics can be extremely frustrating. You are either talking to folks who feel the same way you do (so why bother?)or you are talking to people who are Just Plain Wrong – but you will never be able to change their minds.

So I figured it would be a lot more pleasant to talk about silly unimportant things like knee-high pantyhose and self-tanners.

Until now.

It is time for a Call To Action.

It is time to put a stop to The Big Gap.

You know the one I mean.

Now that I have shed fifteen pounds and fifteen years (yes, with the weight loss, I have decided to be forty-six), I went shopping for new pants. I was hopeful that being a size or two smaller would mean an end to my GAP issues.

But no.

It’s still there.


I don’t know why I thought Waist-Gap would disappear now that I’m smaller. I had it when I was younger and thinner too.

Is this just a phenomenon of my phenomenal body?

I believe in scientific research, so I went to that microcosm of human bodies – the local country fair.

And there it was. If you are a woman older than … um … four – you’ve got a Gap.   There are skinny girls in skinny pants with a Gap. There are chubby ladies with muffins tops – and a Gap. There are women cinching their Gap with a belt, giving their pants a weird gathered look in the back. And there are teenagers who appear to be using their Gap as a nifty slot for their iphone.

The GAP is universal.

And it’s time to end it!

Let’s close the Gap.

Women are NOT built with a gap. So why are pants designed that way?

So I am going to ORGANIZE!

This is the kind of activism I was born for – Fashion Activist.

I am going to use all my “clicks” on this blog as signatures on my

Petition To End The Gap.

And I will forward it to retail and ready-to-wear clothing designers everywhere.

Are you with me?

Women of the world – Unite!

Demand better!

Demand a little tuck at the top of your tuche!


  1. I am SO with you. Even my daughter keeps running into this problem – and she’s only 9!


    • Congratulations! You are the first person to sign my petition! Only 1 million more to go!


  2. Laurie MacKellar

    It wasn’t a problem when pants buttoned around the narrowest part of your waist but then someone decided that such pants were suitable only for moms (as if there was something wrong other moms) and so everyone bought into that and so it became impossible to find pants that kept your shirts tucked in and your private areas unexposed…


  3. You know that campaign Levi’s had a few months ago where their ads were plastered all over the internet, telling you they would assign you a “Curve ID” that would change the way you looked in jeans forever? (You didn’t? Really? What do you mean “ad blocker”?)

    Well, I had a coupon where I could buy a pair for just $30, so I did, and they are the best jeans I have ever owned that truly do fit like a glove. I was so embarrassed when I was ordering them. I felt like I was kind of being a mindless dummy. But now I have no regrets! Those jeans are awesome and as soon as I come across another coupon, I am totally buying a second pair.


    • You’re so right. Even the best jeans in the world do not mean that we would consider paying full price!


    • notcurrentlyblogging

      Why have I never heard of this? I will be looking this up.


  4. This is a grass roots movement I can get behind.


  5. I’ve never had a gap. I’ve mever had a waist, either.


  6. Patsy Porco

    * never, not mever.


  7. Count me in!! If this is the only plank in our platform, I am still standing firmly with the party..


  8. Sign me up!!


  9. Given that I don’t buy jeans in tiny sizes I don’t have this problem, shocking I know. When I gained weight and settled into my current size I found two jeans I love, Seven and Lane Bryant. Both fit like a glove and neither have a gap!

    But I will sign your petition just to show solidarity with my skinny sisters!


    • Thanks. We ‘not quite skinny’ sisters appreciate your full support.


  10. Hee! Very funny. But I must confess: I don’t have a gap, either. I also have very little tush, and not a lot of difference between waist and hips. And like Nicole, I recently went for the Levi’s “curve ID” line, too. (I chose the “curve-challenged” option, and I was thrilled that it exists). But I don’t think my (purely anecdotal) case should stop you from spearheading this movement. You go! Solidarity forever!


  11. The gap is the main reason why I go around with no pants, and that helps no one.


  12. Great post! I’m ending my policy never to blog or comment about politics and joining your activist group. In fact, I’m double-clicking on your post to help close the gap! LOL 🙂


  13. In total agreement.
    I’ve ALWAYS had “the gap” and it’s so damn irritating! I can’t fix it. Any suggestions?


    • With all these ‘signatures’ – I am well on the way to fixing this problem for once and for all!


  14. Michelle Gillies

    I am afraid I am also gapless. Of course I am also jeanless.


  15. notcurrentlyblogging

    I have been looking for a pair of pants that I can safely sit down in public in for a couple of years now. When I pick up after the dog, I try to be quick as lightening – just a quick look around then swoop and scoop before half mooning the other dog walkers. This whole jean thing is insantity and I have been complaining about it for years. Also I have no desire for a butterfly tattoo which seems to be what that gap was originally invented for, and I am now thinking of going with Peg’s idea.


  16. Actually, I hate to throw a spanner in the works but I have the opposite problem. I am blessed with an ‘apple shape’. You know, the ones that cause heart attacks. Even when I was at my skinniest my waist wasn’t really smaller than my skinny, skinny hips….consequently, if jeans fit me round my waist, they just ‘hang’ off my ass and thighs.

    I’ve ‘signed’ your petition though as a gesture of goodwill and support for your cause. 😀


  17. As a blogger who very rarely comments on anything political, I say “Here, here!! I’m in!” This is a global issue that needs to addressed locally and from the “bottom” up!! The time is now sisters… unite!

    Love it! Great post 🙂


  18. i’m ready to make phone calls. at dinnertime.


  19. I like the way you think. I’m going to lose 40 pounds and become a newborn again.


    • I don’t want to be a kid again, but I am thinking about “30”.


  20. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I finally found a brand of jeans that don’t have the Gap. They’re called “jag” and they’re pricey, but I buy them at the end of the season.


  21. Generally jeans are either like the Grand Canyon at the back, or so tight you get a muffin top even if you’re fairly trim. However, the Levi’s Bold Curve are nicely shaped for women with an actual figure.


    • Got a couple of recommendations for those. I am definitely going to check them out. Gapless would be a nice change.


  22. I commend you for tackling such an important issue, sign me up! As an addendum to the waist gap issue I also have a problem with excess fabric in the back, giving me a nape gap problem (this is conjuring up a fab image which is sadly my reality!) If you can manage to influence designers I’d be enormously grateful if you’d mention it!


    • Ohh! I have nape-gap one in a while. I thought it was because I have no neck.


  23. I’m with you. I’ve always had the gap, too. And it’s nearly impossible to alter the waist of jeans. PS – I’m going to check out that Levi Curve ID business.


  24. I have a gap in the back but no-ones mentioned one in the FRONT. That is a new problem to this conversation. At least it’s an OLD problem for ME (for a couple of years). Sign me up, especially if we can make it a double, double.


  25. I Can’t Stop Reading You. Is that a song? It’s true though, so I have nominated you for the Addictive Blog Award. See for the rules! 🙂


    • Thank you for the nomination. I love making someone laugh! Please don’t stop reading me…or at least tell me when I start to stink.


  26. The day I met my tailor was the day my life changed forever, and I am absolutely not kidding about this.


    • I need an introduction to your tailor. The last time I went to a tailor I thought I could do a better job with duct tape and a safety pin.


  27. very funny! Although, I thought the gap was for display purposes.


  28. The Curve IDs are not curvy enough for my behind …. *sigh* …. I’m now reduced to buying denim jeggings from Primark in the UK which have an elasticated waist that I feel compelled to hide as they are a constant reminder that I must be turning into my mother and I’m not yet even 40 …..


  29. GREAT POST! I’m writing up a post on fixing the gap myself and came across your pic (had to borrow it…it’s PERFECT!). 🙂

    I too tried the Curve ID’s (plus sized version)…definitely not made for moi…smh. Hopefully the pair of slacks I’m working on will start a revolution (or at least just keep my bum from catching a cold hahaha!)


    • I’m happy to share my drawing with you! Post the link on my post when you’re done.



  1. Jeans Gap at Your Waist? Here’s How to Fix It. | Tina Adams Consulting

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