Nancy Roman

Marital Harmony

As I’ve previously complained  mentioned, my husband and I do not share the same taste in music.

I love James Taylor. He loves The Beach Boys.

Mention classical music, and I think Debussy. He thinks Gene Autry.

Sexy mood?  I’m all Marvin Gaye; he’s Elvis.

We go to a wedding, and I’m hoping for “Mony Mony” – he’s hoping to remain seated.

But he’s been in an incredibly good mood lately. And a few days ago, he ran out to the supermarket for milk and came home with these:

So what does Connie Francis have in common with Strauss waltzes and Benny Goodman?

Twenty-five cents.

He stopped at a tag sale (which I have NEVER known him to do, and he found these old albums for twenty-five cents each.

Now I like Benny Goodman. And I used to like Huey Lewis – I even saw him perform in 1989. But I also haven’t seen my turntable since 1989,

But my husband likes a deal.

So he’s up in the attic looking for the turntable.


And while I am complaining  reflecting–

There is no bigger musical disagreement in my house than THE BEATLES.

I love them. They sang on the Ed Sullivan Show on my thirteenth birthday. They sang to me.

They changed the world.

My husband  agrees:  They changed the world, all right.  They ruined everything.

But my husband likes a deal.

So when he went out to buy a couple of T-shirts the other day, he came home with this:

Why?  Because it was a really good deal.

But he HATES The Beatles.

I think he looks mighty good in his Abbey Road tee.

And he tells me he bought it because he knew I would like it. (But I know he really liked the price. After all, he has a skateboarding tee too, and he’s about to turn 67.)

Regardless of his motives, I am feeling a little guilty with him wearing my idols.

I think I may have to reciprocate.

So I need to know –

Where can I get a Gene Autry cardigan?


  1. You may have better luck getting an Elvis artifact….on black velvet!


    • A back velvet cardigan with Elvis!


      • Perfect! I want to say he deserves that you would wear it on your next formal outing with him but sounds like he would think that’s cool!


  2. Ha! Now if you made the cardigan yourself, I think that’d show true love (perhaps drawing it was enough, if you’re lucky?)!

    He must be the subject of a LOT of strong words if he tells people outside of your home that he doesn’t like The Beatles!


  3. My husband and I manage to coexist simply because there are very few types of music I don’t like. I like everything he likes, but that’s the only place our tastes overlap, because he hates everything else I like. Did I mention I love my MP3 player? He doesn’t even need to know what I’m listening to. 🙂


  4. Rich Crete

    I try really hard not to comment about what people like or dislike because we are all entitled to our tastes. Except when they are so dead wrong. How can anyone not like the Beatles? He has the Elvis/Marvin thing totally wrong too but I’m only mentioning that because the Beatles issue has rendered him worthy of scorn.


    • His musical taste is completely worthy of scorn.


  5. pharphelonus



  6. Once when asked the question, “Do you prefer The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” I had to answer The Stones, just to maintain balance in my marriage.


  7. My husband and I have completely different tastes in music. He doesn’t like anything and it drives me crazy. My second husband will have my taste in music. He will also like to dance. And laugh at my jokes. And read my blog. And … and… and ..

    And I bet you will be able to google a Gene Autry sweater — or maybe just settle for a t-shirt!


  8. Love it! Oh, and my son has a vintage turntable, so if you’re looking to unload those albums your hubby bought…. I can hook you up!


  9. Chris

    Will you be going to the Terryville Fair? Ya never know. Meanwhile, I’ve got FOUR turntables – 2 aren’t working, so if he wants something to tinker with – I have one he is welcome to.


    • He’s got a very high-end turntable somewhere…I am just hoping he forgets about it. Just one more thing to dust.


  10. Gene Autry cardigan! I love it. And I have your back on the Beatles debate.


  11. I think just the fact that you drew yourself wearing the Gene Autry cardigan is worth major points.


  12. All right….I am focusing on the fact that your husband went shopping. Without you. My husband is not a shopper. And when he does have to shop, he drags me along for moral support (I don’t enjoy it either). I am impressed with his purchases… the mere fact that he purchased them!
    Okay, my husband loves the Beach Boys as well. And is not very impressed with the Beatles, but puts up with them.


    • Shopping is a new phenomenon for him since he has retired.


  13. I say tomato he says zucchini….Mine says Nas and I say Grand Funk Railroad. I am married to a musician, but one who’s exposure is limited to the Gospel of his church upbringing, the cultural music of the Bahamas and of course the music of his generation. Then he met me, he is learning to appreciate old R&B, old Soul, some Rock-n-Roll, even some Classical but I suspect I will never get him to opera, country or Bluegrass.

    But it is fun in my house as we have the battle of the bands and than meet in the middle with the stuff we both like.


  14. goodoldgirl

    You just gotta love a guy that likes a good deal. Re the Gene Autry sweater, maybe this website …


  15. I think you will have to custom order the shirt but wouldn’t it be great?


  16. I am in two minds as to whether your husband is right on The Beatles.

    It is altogether possible that a fair bit of the prog rock and other stuff I sort of like would exist without them, they were that big an influence. Trouble is, they caused rock music to be such a big deal, that the rest of music barely seems to register on many people’s radars. (Apart from hip hop, so-called “R’n’B”, so-called “dance”, and all the stuff generations roughly equivalent to my own (I’m in my late 20s) listen to, and I barely give the time of day except perhaps if it was released more than 20 years ago.)


  17. Plus, you and your husband between you seem to have reasonably good tastes…


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