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Marital Harmony

As I’ve previously complained  mentioned, my husband and I do not share the same taste in music. I love James Taylor. He loves The Beach Boys. Mention classical music, and I think Debussy. He thinks Gene Autry. Sexy mood?  I’m all Marvin Gaye; he’s Elvis. We go to a wedding, and I’m hoping for “Mony …

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Let Me Count The Ways

I laugh at my husband – a lot.  This is because I find human behavior very funny, and I get to observe his behavior more than most other humans.  Except myself of course.   I watch myself obsessively… and I am a riot. My husband can be ridiculous and he can be annoying, both of which …

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The History Of Lipstick, Chapter One

I wore lipstick on Easter Sunday, 1963.  I was twelve. In 1963, twelve was young for lipstick.  None of my classmates were allowed.  Only the grown-up girls.  The eighth graders. But that was the point.  I had older sisters.  I needed to be a teenager long before I was one. My lipstick was pink.  “Pink …

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