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“Mad Men”- or – “I’m Mad At Men”

I am not always the hippest person when it comes to pop culture – which you probably can tell because  I used the word ‘hippest.’ At least I didn’t use ‘hep.’ Although I follow Fashion as my religion (at least for a woman my age; I would certainly never claim to be as smart as …

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Marital Harmony

As I’ve previously complained  mentioned, my husband and I do not share the same taste in music. I love James Taylor. He loves The Beach Boys. Mention classical music, and I think Debussy. He thinks Gene Autry. Sexy mood?  I’m all Marvin Gaye; he’s Elvis. We go to a wedding, and I’m hoping for “Mony …

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Career Choice

My husband retired last year. He doesn’t particularly like it.  (I think I might particularly like it, but that’s another story.) He sold advertising, but in this economy, sales were down for the company he worked for, and they couldn’t afford him anymore. He was already 65, so he retired. And now he’s 66, so …

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Let Me Count The Ways

Today, on my twentieth wedding anniversary, I am re-posting this tribute to my sweet husband (originally posted on Sept 11): ******* I laugh at my husband – a lot. This is because I find human behavior very funny, and I get to observe his behavior more than most other humans. Except myself of course. I …

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