Nancy Roman

TV Highbrows

My mother always told me never to make fun of someone’s appearance.

However, I feel that if they are celebrities, they are fair game.  Don’t you agree? After all, they are putting their faces out there for us to look at.  It’s only normal if I feel a comment coming on.

So, in celebration of Halloween (which we didn’t have in Connecticut because of ‘you know’  –I can’t even speak about it),  I am announcing my nominations for the creepiest people on TV.  And wouldn’t you know it…they are on the SAME SHOW!

The nominees are … from “CSI- New York”:

Gary Sinise

And Sela Ward

And what makes them so creepy?  It’s the EYEBROWS! 

They have the same bizarre eyebrows.

In deference to my mother, some people cannot help their eyebrow weirdness. But these two have ‘people’ taking care of their image.  What kind of stylist thinks that pointy eyebrows are attractive?

And why do these actors vaguely remind me of someone?

This weekend it dawned on me – thanks to a Halloween costume I saw on the internet.

And once I made the connection – It’s so OBVIOUS!

The makeup artist for “CSI-NY” graduated from the Ronald McDonald School of Cosmetology!


  1. That style of eyebrow was really popular in the mid 70’s, when I was in junior high. Several teachers plucked their eyebrows into that shape. I hated it because it made them look permanently angry. I never understood why people overpluck their eyebrows (and trust me, the guy in your photo does too), into that particular shape.


  2. One of my eyebrows (yes, just one) tends to defy gravity and on the two occassions I had them shaped, the person thought it was a great idea to make them both do that. Ach! But yes, there are humans out there that think it looks like something not horrifying.


    • One eyebrow defying gravity! Makes me think you must often appear cynical. Now that would suit me to a tee.


  3. Funny! You would think the make-up artist would work on them a bit…


  4. You’ve got a point. Now I’ll be scrutinizing people’s eyebrows. I don’t know what I’ll do with the new info I’ll get, but I’m sure it will be eyebrow raising! 😉


  5. RVingGirl

    LOL………you are so right. Sela Ward also looks 20 years younger than the last time I saw her in a movie. Honestly, Hollywood is all SO PLASTIC……and the saddest thing is, way too many regular people try so hard to emulate them! FAKES!!!! Give me real any day! Great post, as usual!


  6. Ha ha haha. GOOD one! You are right on. Creepy for sure.


  7. Now you’ll have me looking at eyebrows (instead of thighs and butts) for days!


  8. ARRRGGHH! Now I know what creeps me out – it’s the eyebrows


    • RVingGirl

      LOL @ ammaponders


  9. My 91 year old mother in England is convinced that all celebrities have had their eyebrows shaved and painted on higher up their foreheads. I have tries to explain that perhaps hers (and mine) are lower than they used to be due to gravity, but she will ja e none of it. I just mention this in case you feel an eyebrow obsession coming on. Be warned. It can only get worse…


    • I’m afraid I might be slightly obsessed. This is my second post about eyebrows.


  10. Maybe that’s how actors keep the competition at bay — by giving them the non-hairy eyeball.


  11. Hahaha! Now that you mention it! They do have really bizarre eyebrows!


  12. Poor things with the pointy eyebrows….well, I am trying to think positive here and perhaps it’s better than having NO eyebrows. Now that may look real creepy! Love this post!


  13. pharphelonus

    Wow. And I think Sela Ward is breathtakingly beautiful.


    • I’ve always thought that she was very beautiful as well, but her eyebrows keep climbing, and it is becoming a distraction for me and a detraction for her, I’m afraid. Maybe I should write her and advise her to soften em up a little.


  14. my mother always said that your brows are your most important feature- they frame your face. Pour sela needs a good lesson in contouring


  15. I knew an elderly lady once, who at 80 years old was perfectly made up, EXCEPT that she pencilled her eyebrows in about a half inch from her real eyebrows which were STILL THERE!!! I sat opposite her at a breakfast meeting and was disconcerted every time I looked at her.


    • I had a wonderful friend who was what I would call very “earthy”. She wore army fatigues and work boots and hair like my husband’s. But she drew these remarkable eyebrows. I always wondered why someone so completely not into looks or style would be so particular about eyebrows.


  16. I remember when my son was 2 or 3 years old and went to a birthday party where Ronald McDonald was the guest…he was terrified of him! Now I know why–must have been the creepy eyebrows! Thanks for enlightening me…loved the post!


  17. Nicole Kidman wins for creepy face award. High eyebrows, wrinkle free skin (over 40) and redesigned lips. But man, her hubby sure is cute!



  18. JSD

    Now you’ve got me worried…my eyebrows have kind of a high arch to them naturally. I hope I’m not creeping everyone out.


  19. They remind me of the eyebrows on The Munsters. What was her name? Laticia??? I guess I never thought of eyebrows like this before!!!


  20. It’s taken me a while to respond to this post. There was something unsettling about it. Then I finally looked in the mirror and pulled up my bangs. Eyow! I have Sela Ward eyebrows! Particularly the right one. It’s not as noticable on me as I have always worn bangs — first to cover the high forehead, then to cover the wrinkles. Hopefully I haven’t freaked anyone out, at least with my eyebrows.


  21. Oh Nancy, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I LOVE the way you write. And this post on eyebrows reminded me of one I wrote several years ago about aging eyebrows that I thought you might enjoy reading:

    I’ll be keeping track of you from now on, “kid”. (I can call you that because you are five years younger than me. I could have been your babysitter! And, boy, are you lucky THAT didn’t happen. I wasn’t very good at it.)

    I have no idea how you found me, but I’m glad you did! 🙂


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