Nancy Roman

Eye Of The Beholder

I love Halloween.

I loved it when I was a kid, as it was the only time except for Christmas and Easter when I got to dress up.  And I loved dressing up.

I didn’t outgrow it.  I especially loved Halloween as a ‘youngish’ single.  I am naturally pretty shy. But on Halloween, I didn’t have to be shy.  I could be wild – because I was someone else.

But everyone has her own definition of ‘wild’.

One Halloween I went to the bar at the local Marriott Hotel (which was THE hot spot at the time).  I was dressed as a roaring twenties’ flapper. I had made my costume out of a very skimpy black slip, and a whole lot of fringe.  Not much else.

I was risqué. Or so I thought.

I stopped in the ladies’ room to check my makeup before my grand entrance. An old lady was there.  (I say ‘old’, but I wonder if she was perhaps the age I am now.) She regarded my get-up, smiled, and said, “Are you going to a wedding?”

I thought she was insane.  But now – unfortunately –  I’m so there.  With the way kids dress today, I’d have a hard time telling a costume from a wedding outfit too.

Or perhaps…

Maybe the old lady was right.  Maybe I looked marvelous.

Maybe I should be more daring.  Years ago, my Great-Aunt Loretta wore a feather boa to a wedding.

Maybe I should wear a fringed slip to a wedding.  My nephew is getting married next week.  I could wear a fringed slip to his wedding.

But all I have left of that fabulous costume is a fringed purse.

My nephew will be relieved.


Note:  This piece was created for the website Vision and Verb (, a network of women from around the world who contribute their images and ideas. 


  1. hmmm…to wear a feather boa to a wedding…that would be a great 2020 bridal accessory, too. Only 9 years away until the roaring 20’s is a hundred years old. Start planning now.


  2. pharphelonus

    Sometimes in being something we’re “not,” we find that it might be more what we “are” than we allowed ourselves to believe.


  3. fringe is always an excellent choice


  4. You sound like a reallly funnnn(y) auntie! Have a ball on Halloween, and take pics, which you most certainly will share with us, right?


  5. Halloween is fun. Dressing up is fun. The fringed slip sounds lovely. The purse will probably be the talk of the town. Why don’t you put them all together and throw a Halloween party.

    Happy Halloween!


  6. I think you should be bold and wear the fringed slip AND a boa. I have a red flapper dress you can borrow if you like. Or, if you are not feeling quite that bold, I also have Dimples’ poodle skirt from her dance recital last year.


  7. Be a flapper — just don’t cause “a flap” at the wedding!


  8. Who says Halloween is the only day you can play “Dress-up?” I say get a black slip, a boa and release your inner Flapper whenever she feels like flapping! Life’s too short to let dodgy looks from repressed people spoil your fun. 😉

    I love the way you present your story–simply, sweetly, and with a hint of sassy humor.


  9. I think every once in a while we should break out of the rut and do something wild, something unexpected. Wear the fringed dress by all means!


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