Nancy Roman

The Sweet Spot

Dogs are good at lots of things. Welcoming you is probably their best talent. They will protect your house and take a walk with you and comfort you when you are sad. They also can bring you sticks and run around in circles.

Cats, like Stewart here, excel at finding the sweet spot.  That one place that is, at that moment, THE place. With thousands of square feet in our house, there were two square feet that were perfect in that late afternoon. Stewart found them.

We all have our sweet spots.  Sometimes it’s a physical place, like Stewart’s cozy patch of sun.  The right sofa with the right book (and also maybe a cat) can become the sweet spot on a Sunday morning.

But it doesn’t have to be a place.  The sweet spot can be an object, an attitude. Whatever brings that warm feeling that’s not excitement, nor joy, nor even delight.  It’s contentment.

What brings me contentment has evolved over my life.

When I was a teenager, the sweet spot was the perfect pair of jeans.

In my twenties, I felt that bliss with independence… my first car, my first apartment, my first…um, “sleepover”.

Through my career-building thirties, it was the drive home on a Friday night, knowing that all my work was done.

I discovered in my forties (later than most women) the sweet spot in weaving a story for a captivated child.

Then at fifty there was satisfaction in the kitchen, preparing a holiday meal while listening to my family laughing in the other room.

Now I’m in my sixties.  And the sweet spot?   The perfect pair of jeans.


Note:  This piece was created for the website Vision and Verb (, a network of women from around the world who contribute images and ideas through this amazing site. I was honored to be asked to contribute a guest post.  You may want to wander over there – it’s fabulous.


  1. I love that you joined us over at V&V, Nancy, and that in this way I have had the chance to meet you…another woman in her 60s! Don’t you just love getting older…and better! 🙂


  2. Great picture of your sweet Stewart! Nothing cozier than a kitty napping in a sunbeam.
    This is a wonderful post. It’s amazing how our joyful things change over the course of our lives. (Loved the “sleepover” reference!)!
    Love this post!


  3. bigsheepcommunications



  4. aaaahhhhhhhh this too is a sweet spot!


    • Thank you… you’ve given me a sweet spot for today.


  5. The sweet spot does change over the years..a peaceful Sunday morning with all three cats in the same room with me and a good cup of coffee. (Perfect fitting jeans and comfortable, stylish shoes are my second choice!)


  6. What a wonderful photo of Stewart. I can almost feel the warmth of his fur.


  7. RVingGirl

    LOVE it…..and I just found a new favorite pair of jeans myself. I have not loved a pair that I have owned for about 15 years so I was thrilled to find these and they were reduced in price! Hurray for jeans for 60 year olds!
    My mother never wore a pair in her life.
    LOVE your blog!


  8. Thanks for joining us today over at Vision and Verb – Nancy. The honor and the pleasure is all ours!!!


  9. In my sixties, the sweet spot is, I care less about impressing anyone with my appearance. I get to waste less time if front of the mirror making sure my makeup and hair are perfect. The sweet spot is: I’ve discovered who my friends are, because I’ve discovered who I am is okay, and doesn’t need any “touch-ups” to assure the caring of those around me. Thanks for sharing your post with us!


    • That sounds sweet indeed, but I must admit I’m nowhere close to that stage. Maybe someday…


  10. Great post! I wasn’t expecting the return to jeans! Hmm, my sweet spot is on the couch late at night when Wonderbutt jumps up, and nuzzles my clothes, turning around until he’s made his whole 65 pounds perfectly comfortable spread out across my stomach and chest.


  11. Your second childhood? Sounds good to me! My sweet spot currently is leaning against a pillow with my Kindle, and falling asleep as I read. Doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does. . .Ahhhhh!


    • I love falling asleep when reading, except sometimes I do it at work.


      • Lovely feeling, that dulling of consciousness that just preceeds falling asleep. Not so much, waking to the stare of your boss . . .


  12. I just turned 60 in September and have jeans I would like to be my sweet spot, but alas I’m still working on that one! I like the “with resistance” part of your title. 🙂


    • My dog, Matthew, does the barking and patrolling and pacing part very well; but, following that, he hides behind my legs and peeks furtively ahead between my knees, which is followed by the not-so-subtle look of “where do I hide, if she goes down?” Ah, well, I cut him some slack. After all, he’s a herding dog, not a protective breed. I try to tell myself he’s not really looking for a place to hide, but rather looking for a place to herd me to, if necessary! ☺


  13. Great post–simple, sweet (of course), and to the point.

    My sweet spots vary, not just by age but by mood and day. I can’t ever just pick just one thing…


  14. Today, my sweet spot contains a snuggly toddler and a fleece blanket.


    • I just finished a sweet spot: Skyping with my sweet granbaby as she jabbers on and on and I pretend I know what she’s talking about! Love that smily face and gaping front teeth. 🙂


  15. I’d love to hear one of your stories for children. I bet they are funny and wise.


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