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I win…but I still lose.

For the last year I have been engaged in a war of wills. Here is my opponent. His name is Merlin, and this was photo was taken recently -.sometime around his nineteenth birthday. He has a questionable history. But he was reported to be two years old when we adopted him, and that was seventeen …

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Away In A Manger

Everyone’s welcome at Christmas.

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The Sweet Spot

Dogs are good at lots of things. Welcoming you is probably their best talent. They will protect your house and take a walk with you and comfort you when you are sad. They also can bring you sticks and run around in circles. Cats, like Stewart here, excel at finding the sweet spot.  That one place …

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Drive-Thru Confessions

Guilt Relief In Thirty Seconds: 1. We have cats.  Cats puke.  Sometimes when I walk into a room and see that one of our cats has thrown up, I turn around and give my husband time to find it instead. 2. My toaster oven does not cook very evenly.  When I make toast, one slice …

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