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How To Be Old

I’m normally not much of a concert-goer.  I don’t like crowds and I don’t like crowded parking lots, and I especially don’t like crowded ladies’ rooms.  I put up with all of the above for the love of my life, James Taylor.  Everyone else, not so much. Recently, however, I went to two concerts in …

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In My Genes

A quick self-confidence story: A few weeks back, my husband and I were having a philosophical discussion in the car.  Conversations in the car are difficult – my husband is slightly deaf, and if you don’t talk right into his face, the hearing aids don’t necessarily pick it up.  So car talk is loud.  Which …

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Over the past several weeks, I have written and discarded several posts about hot flashes. Like lots of women, I’ve got the hots, but it seems that everything I could say about these ‘special’ experiences has already been said. They’re annoying. They’re uncomfortable. They’re funny. They’re embarrassing.  Yada yada yada.  On the whole, I don’t …

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Hang Up.

Just about everyone gets a bad boss sooner or later. At my age, I’ve been through several.  My motto has always been, “Just Outlast the Bastard.” For the most part, that mantra has worked pretty well.  Executives seem to either rise in the organization or leave.  So I just hang on till the obnoxious boss …

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The Field Trip

In her comment a few days ago, Tess remarked that I must have been a very observant child. Oh yeah. I am hardly ever serious now.  But I was a serious kid. I sought logic in an illogical world. Some of my questions were just kid stuff:  Why do I have to do Arithmetic homework, …

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Steppin’ Out With My Baby (Toes)

(Note:  About two months ago, I read a blog about feet, and ever since, I’ve been worried about mine.  I looked for that blog again, but I can’t seem to find it.  So if those were your original feet – this is dedicated to you.) Some of my body parts have held up rather well …

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Not Quite Einstein

I have a theory for everything. Some of my theories are based on historical or scientific data (interpreted by me.) Some theories stem from observation (also interpreted by me.) And some are just pulled right out of my ass. Historically, for example, I have a theory that if Custer had prevailed at the Little Big …

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Welcome To My Ponzi Scheme

Welcome to my Ponzi Scheme. Well, not mine, really.  I guess it may have originated with WordPress or with some blogger from the stone-age blogger days. It’s the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! I am actually very happy to have received it, because it means that other bloggers like what I write.  And that is amazing. In …

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Fraidy Cat

There’s a fellow blogger I admire – If I Were Brave:     (if I could figure out how to add a link, I’d do so, but this is the best I can do.) She’s an ordinary woman, a little on the cautious side (in her own opinion), who tries every day to be just a …

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Just My Imagination

Every once in a while I wish I could think like a man. Because I’d really like to know what the heck my husband could possibly be thinking.  So I decided to give it a try.  Here’s an incident from a few years ago, told from what may be my husband’s point of view. I’ve …

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