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The Code

About a year ago, my co-workers commented on a particularly stunning outfit I happened to be wearing. We have no dress code at my office.  We are exceptionally casual.  So my stunning outfit consisted of jeans, black top with empire waist, floral sweater in black, gray and white. Of this group of co-worker friends, I …

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I Look at Clouds From Both Sides Now

Yesterday, I went to the ophthalmologist (gee, that’s a weird spelling, but that’s what spell-check says and I believe that little spelling-bee guy inside my laptop). I have had this eye problem for a couple of weeks.  “Floaters,” they’re called, and lots of people have them.  But my floaters are taking over my left eye.  …

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Pen Pals – Facebook Style

I am friends with a famous author.  Facebook friends. This is not just a case where I clicked ‘Liked’ and now I get posts about the next novel in process or book signing appearance.  I do have some celebrity Facebook friends like that.  And I kind of like these famous people sharing little snippets with …

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Let Me Count The Ways

I laugh at my husband – a lot.  This is because I find human behavior very funny, and I get to observe his behavior more than most other humans.  Except myself of course.   I watch myself obsessively… and I am a riot. My husband can be ridiculous and he can be annoying, both of which …

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Don’t Call Me Shirley

My father named me.  My father named all four of his children.  I supposed my mother figured she’d love us so keenly regardless of our names, she let my father choose. My mother told me many times that she had wanted to name me Collette. But my father named me Nancy. There is an old …

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Sheep Rapport

This weekend I went to the local country fair.  I think the official slogan is: Eat Crap and Look At Cows. I didn’t think the fair would start with a moral dilemma, but there I was at the gate faced with a ticket choice of $8 for adults or $5 for seniors.  Since I am …

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Too Much Togetherness = Too Much Information Several years ago, we built our dream home. Many people warned me that building a house is a dangerous test of a marriage.  But to my delight (and surprise) my husband and I turned out to be terrific team.  Together we bought a beautiful piece of property and …

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Orphan Envy

When I was eight, I was in a play. The local Girl’s Club (like the “Y” without the yucky boys) offered afterschool classes, and I signed up for Drama.  Good thing they didn’t call it Acting.  I suck at Acting but Drama is my life. The drama class put on a play (I think the …

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Gullible’s Travails

I am a marketer’s dream. Cream that evaporates my wrinkles.  Absolutely. Conditioner that makes my hair thick.  Yes, I believe. Teeth Whiteners, Lip Plumpers, Toe Straighteners (don’t ask; I need them), Nail Growers.   Oh, please, let me try some.  Here’s my money. And now I’ve hit the pinnacle.  Or maybe not.  Maybe there is even …

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Drive-Thru Confessions

Guilt Relief In Thirty Seconds: 1. We have cats.  Cats puke.  Sometimes when I walk into a room and see that one of our cats has thrown up, I turn around and give my husband time to find it instead. 2. My toaster oven does not cook very evenly.  When I make toast, one slice …

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