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Welcome To My Ponzi Scheme

Charles Ponzi (March 3, 1882–January 18, 1949)...

1910 Mug Shot of Charles Ponzi (Image via Wikipedia)

Welcome to my Ponzi Scheme.

Well, not mine, really.  I guess it may have originated with WordPress or with some blogger from the stone-age blogger days.


I am actually very happy to have received it, because it means that other bloggers like what I write.  And that is amazing.

In particular, two bloggers nominated me in the same week:  What I Meant 2 Say and If I Were Brave.   Both these blogs are terrific and worth checking out.  Plus they know how to write, and so I am delighted that they think I can write too.

Being an accountant, I did the math however.  If one blogger has to nominate 15 bloggers, and those 15 each nominate 15… well, it only takes FIVE iterations before the number of bloggers who have been nominated total 759,375.  That pretty much covers all of WordPress.  Twice.

So it’s sort of like when all the kids get a trophy in T-Ball.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with getting a trophy in T-Ball.  It still feels really good.  And the Versatile Blogger Award feels really good too.  So thank you.

As part of this award, I am supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers.  And I’m delighted to pass on this award.  However, I am trying to work with WordPress to get my links to work in the body of my blog…with no luck.  But my blogroll works, so check out the list on the bottom of this page.  These folks are worth reading.

Now onto Step 2 of the Versatile Blogger Award.  I get to talk about myself.  There’s nothing I like better.  I am required to mention seven things about myself that my readers may not know.

1.  I am completely (and adolescently) in love with James Taylor.  Actually, you may already know this because I take every opportunity to mention him.

2.  My secret ambition in life is to solve some famous unsolved crime.  Lizzie Borden, Jimmy Hoffa, Jack the Ripper. Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?   When someday they have an answer, look for my name.

3.  I’ve done two things in my life that will never be repeated by another human being again.  I flew to Europe on the Concorde and I attended a meeting at the top of  the World Trade Center.

4.  I wish I had been sluttier in college.  I was a very studious kid.  I wish now I had more fun.  After all, antibiotics are quite effective.

5.  I sing extremely well.  I have a spectacular voice.  No one else shares this opinion.  I don’t understand why they are not hearing the same thing that I am.  I think it is envy.

6.  I’m a one-upper.  I have an uncontrollable tendency to try and  top every story I hear with one that is funnier, scarier, crazier, etc.  It’s a sickness.

7.  Despite the fact that I haven’t gotten every little thing I ever wanted in my life, and in fact, lost out on some of the big things too, I am the happiest person I know.

And now I have a Versatile Blogger Award.


  1. Ha! I love this.
    I’d like to give you the Versatile Blogger Award for this.


  2. Gosh, I never heard of this award but you certainly deserve it. Your blog is one that I will read when I am bleary and need to go to bed. Congrats!


    • Glad you liked it. And glad you commented, because it reminded me to add your terrific blog to my blogroll.


  3. Congrats on your blogging award. You deserve it. I enjoy your posts and look forward to them.


  4. You sure are versatile and congrats on the award. I do enjoy reading your blogs.


  5. Congratulations on your award – it’s well-deserved! And thanks for mentioning me in your blogroll – I really appreciate it. 🙂

    I totally agree with number 4. It doesn’t seem fair that we have young, beautiful bodies in our 20s and don’t know what to do with them. Youth is wasted on the young.

    …And get off my lawn, you damn kids!


  6. pharphelonus

    Bravo to you. Well deserved.


  7. Congratulations! You really deserve the versitile blogger award! I have enjoyed every one of your posts. You make every topic interesting.


  8. Congratulations! Your blog is without a doubt funnier than at least 700,000 of your fellow award recipients. (In all serious, though, it is hilarious. And I share your love of JT [after the classics, October Road is my favorite album.] Let’s not even get into the phenomenal vocal chops all three of us possess.)


  9. oooo…that’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? Congratulations! I love James Taylor too. So does my husband. He started blogging on Tumblr and put some JT music on his site.


  10. Yay for you!!! So glad you are being recognized for your versatility!!! Love your blog and your witty take on things. Love JT, too. Was just listening to him on Sunday. Now you got me in the mood to listen to him even more—-Going to Carolina in My Mind…..


    • I listen at least once a day to “You Can Close Your Eyes” – I cry every time.


  11. It is a bit like a chain letter…that you send only to people you like. 🙂


    • Exactly. A chain letter that you are delighted to receive! Thanks for nominating me.


  12. Ha ha, I enjoyed reading your 7 things and thank you for having me on your blog roll. I am supposed to be doing this too but I was also struggling with the links. I know how to do them I think but I keep forgetting so maybe I will start a blogroll too (now I know what one is, and do my award that way!)


  13. bigsheepcommunications

    Ooh, add me to the Not Quite Old AND James Taylor fan clubs – love you both!


  14. I love the ‘Ponzi scheme’ title. Congrats on the award and well-deserved. I read your blog everyday (even all the comments!), and it starts my day off just a little bit better.


  15. Congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers. No, I’m not sucking up. REALLY, I’m not. As a matter of fact, I will fight you for JT. He’s mine.

    I am SUCH a blogger D.A. I have no clue and try to learn something each day, but it’s a fail. I’ve been trying to see if others can see my favorite blogs to follow. No luck. So, I’m trying to follow your lead!

    Again, Congrat’s!
    Libby Lu


  16. WAIT! I figured something out…I actually did scroll down to see your favorite blogs and found them!!! AND you listed The View is Great! Thank you so much. I feel honored!


  17. You are fabulous. I laughed so much at your list. Talk about putting yourself out there! I wish I wrote it. Keep it up, NotQuiteOld!!


  18. Fabulous post. You do me proud for nominating you! And, the Ponzi scheme analogy is hilarious. I’m still waiting for my money 😉


  19. Congratulations on your award…ponzi scheme or otherwies!!!


  20. I LOVE your ponzi-scheme! I have received this award and it is indeed a self-fulfilling prophecy to reply to it….but of course I did, and posted the award on my blog for all my ‘fans’ to see! Very proud of myself that I received it! Now I want a Pulitzer Prize, please.


  21. How funny. I was just thinking that I’ve been nominated for this award 3 times now so I’m gonna HAVE to break down and write about it. I like your response best so far.



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