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There’s A Hole in my Bucket (List)

Helen Hayes at Riverside Shakespeare benefit 1...

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Famous People I have met:

1.  Helen Hayes, 1981










Famous People I almost met:

Several years ago, when my husband and I were house-hunting, we looked at a little house in Litchfield Connecticut.  it was an eyebrow colonial –  isn’t that an adorable term?  I think it means that the second floor ceiling is at about eyebrow height.  You could see through a few (half) of the stairs, and the kitchen floor was so slanted, that when you went from the refrigerator to the stove, it was hard not to break into a run down the slope.  But it was a very very nice neighborhood.

A few months later we read in the paper that the next door neighbors had hosted a democratic fundraising event, and that the Clintons had stopped by.  So if we had bought that house, and I hadn’t cracked my head getting out of the shower, or fallen through the stairs, or tumbled down the kitchen hill, I would have met Bill and Hillary.

There was a rather large hedge between the two houses, but towards the back there was a thin spot, so I am pretty sure I would have been able to squeeze through.

US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up...

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  1. You’re funny. Great title and post.


  2. You’re one ahead of me in the Famous People I have met category.


  3. bigsheepcommunications

    You can always console yourself by making a list of famous people you are happy you have not met, but it will probably require a very long piece of paper.


    • What a fabulous idea! I am conflicted over the top slot….one of those spoiled starlets…. or OJ?


  4. I had to dig deeply into my brain to remember if I ever met a famous person. I did meet Bobby McFerrin in the early 1990s, so I think I have 1. I like the idea of listing people you are glad you didn’t meet, too. Top slot is definitely a challenge.


  5. Oh, the whatifs :). Funny post! I like the idea of making a list of famous people you’re happy you didn’t meet.


  6. Oh, and that might have been only the beginning! Apparently there are all manner of famous people lurking Somewhere in Connecticut. (I always wanted to go and hide in the shrubs outside Paul Newman’s house, but alas: he passed away before I could figure out where he lived!)


    • Paul lived in Westport, I think. I’m in northwestern CT, but we have a few celebrities. I saw Daryl Hall at White Flower Farm in June. He is still very cute – though not as cute as Paul.


  7. At least you have one name on your list!


  8. pharphelonus

    Famous people are largely overrated, I promise.
    Though Jaclyn Smith in a hotel bar could change that. LOL


    • I feel the same way about Donald Sutherland.


      • pharphelonus

        Donald Sutherland? In a bar? No way! LOL


  9. I did meet Bill Clinton in an airport once. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

    Still, ex-President. Closest I’ll ever get to the office.


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