Nancy Roman

Not Quite Old Bathing Suits

The end of July, but the first time this year at the beach.

The teenagers look so great.  Bikinis, flat tummies, firm thighs.  The women just a little older look a bit more voluptuous–amazingly beautiful, if you can stand the tattoos.  Then there’s the thirties and forties.  Some thin, some heavy.  This is when the move is made out of the bikini and into the one-piece.

Older and older, the bathing suits get bigger and bigger.  So here I am, in a bathing suit that could double as an ice-skating outfit for Dorothy Hamill.  A little skirt, a loose top that flairs a little over my belly.  Pretty in Pink?

And yet I know that this is the best I will ever look, because the next time I go to the beach I will be even older.


  1. Hi there

    I have nominated your blog for the Daisy Award!!

    As with all blog awards, there are rules:

    * Thank the person who nominated you

    * Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself

    * Nominate some worthy bloggers – I’m not quite sure what the Daisy award is actually for, but it looks cheerful and to me a daisy is always a happy little plant that comes out in the sun, so I am nominating other blogs that make me feel happy and smiley and full of sunshine!!!


    • Thank you for the nomination. I am happiest if I make someone else laugh!


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