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Twenty-Five Reasons

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. That is no small accomplishment for either of us. We are incredibly lucky that we found each other, because there is a very good likelihood that no one else would have been able to stand us. But 25 yearrs ago, we said “I do.”  And we do. Stand each …

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What I Learned About Marriage From My Parents

When my Dad died 6 years ago, my parents had been married 64 years. This week marks their 70th wedding anniversary. And we will celebrate – because they are certainly still married. In my mother’s heart and in our memories. I learned a lot about marriage from the example they set. I’m not saying I …

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My Husband Secures His Spot In Heaven

Today is my wedding anniversary. Twenty-two years ago – (to the disbelief of my family who had given up all hope) – and to my own surprise as well – I walked down the aisle of a pretty church and married a sweet crazy person. And I am still surprised (and happy and thankful and …

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