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Coping With My Insecurities

I wrote last week about my pathological sweet need to be liked. (Validation). I have thought about it a lot since. I’ve decided to take some very small baby steps towards coping with my insecurities. For me – (and it could be different for you, but perhaps there is some universal truth here) – I …

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As I re-read my last post (Overdone?), one sentence I wrote keeps haunting me: “I don’t like not being liked.” Well OMG – the lightning bolts are descending from heaven, jolting my everpresent coffee right out of my hands. This sentence pretty much explains my whole life to date. (and that is getting to be …

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Letting Go

In April, I retired. Six weeks later, I un-retired. Well, not really. Here’s what happened. I worked for the last ten years as the Controller of a large(ish) mail-order and online business. It was a terrific job, especially after fifteen years at an exciting but extremely stressful gigantic media organization. For ten years, I had …

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