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How Much

When I was a kid, I used to play this game when I watched TV. Sometimes I played with my sisters, but mostly I just played it alone. The game was: How Much. How Much was played during commercials. Bad commercials. Example: A commercial with a woman with huge armpit stains. She gets in an …

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I am a pretty opinionated adult. Although, I am also very polite, and try not to insult other people’s opinions even if they are totally wrong differ from my own. But I have an excuse for my many (though adorable) opinions. I was born that way. From the time I was in my crib wondering …

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I Could Do That!

I received an interesting email yesterday. I believe it came from the same gentleman who needs me to help him get four million dollars out of Nigeria. Currently, he wants to employ my services to sue a client for breach of contract. I say, “Hell, yeah!” I want to do that. I want to sue someone. …

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