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How I Almost Went To Hell

Back in the 80s, I spent about a year as the general manager of a Cable TV system.  It was a small system in a little Connecticut town, but it was owned by one of the big giant cable operators. I’m sure you know the one, because they are The One. I had been a …

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My New Career

I love television. When I write about TV though, I mostly write about the old shows:  The Mickey Mouse Club, Ed Sullivan, The Mod Squad. I’ve pretty much stayed away from today’s shows – mostly because I could never do them justice the way Speaker7 over at RamblingsandRumblings does. But I watched a show on …

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Now Let’s Recap

It’s been a few weeks since I last marveled (a sweet word for it, huh?) at the differences between my husband and me. As a kid, my husband did not watch a lot of TV. Not that he didn’t watch any – “Hopalong Cassidy” was his favorite show. He sported cowboy attire on a regular …

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A Streetcar Named Ernie

I always thought I would marry an artsy kind of guy. But every time I dated a man who knew about the ballet, or literature, or film –  nothing ever sparked. Then I met a man who knew NOTHING about culture.  Really Nothing. And I was delighted with him. He knew cars and tools and …

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Not Quite Instant Karma

When I was eleven, I stole an idea. It was 1962, and I was hospitalized briefly for a minor problem. Not being really sick, I was very happy to be in the hospital, where I could get all kinds of attention and sympathy. I was enjoying myself tremendously. The girl in the next bed had …

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Not My Dream Job

As I wrote in my last post, for a very long time (too long to call it a childhood fantasy) I wanted to be on TV. Well, it sort of turned out that way.  I worked for TV. Though not as an actress playing the heroine. I was in Finance. But although I was preparing …

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Dream Job

I’m proud to be First Generation.  The first generation to grow up with TV. My parents got their first television in 1951, the year I was born. They had the first TV in the family; the first TV in the neighborhood. They told me stories about everyone coming over on Friday night to watch Boxing. …

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Fraidy Cat

There’s a fellow blogger I admire – If I Were Brave:     (if I could figure out how to add a link, I’d do so, but this is the best I can do.) She’s an ordinary woman, a little on the cautious side (in her own opinion), who tries every day to be just a …

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