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Now Let’s Recap

It’s been a few weeks since I last marveled (a sweet word for it, huh?) at the differences between my husband and me.

As a kid, my husband did not watch a lot of TV. Not that he didn’t watch any – “Hopalong Cassidy” was his favorite show. He sported cowboy attire on a regular basis.

My guy in his cowboy get-up.

Mostly, though, he just wasn’t interested in television. I give him tons of credit for that.

Me, on the other hand – well, TV was my religion.  I was a devout worshipper. I stood (only sitting down when I was threatened) transfixed before that big snowy god.

I started with “Mickey Mouse Club”, but soon advanced to “Circus Boy” to “Rawhide” to “Combat” to “I Spy” to “The Mod Squad”. How I loved adventure shows.

Because I am still addicted to TV, my husband, as faithful companion, also watches a lot more than he ever did before.

He seems to enjoy it. He turns it on when I am not home. But just like when he was a kid, it simply doesn’t matter to him.

I envy that, but his apathy can be somewhat exasperating.

A few years ago, our favorite  (well, my favorite and so his too by default) was “Boston Legal”. He looked forward to it. He laughed – and it’s not easy to make him laugh unless someone drives a Chevy into a swamp.

Every week, before the opening credits, there was a recap of the previous episode. (pretty standard stuff)  Every week, after about forty seconds, my husband would say,

“Oh, we saw this already.”

And I would explain, that it was just a recap and the new episode was about to start.

The next week, about forty seconds into the show, Hubby would say,

“Oh, we saw this already.”

And I would explain (perhaps just slightly louder), “No this is just a recap. The new episode will start in a minute.”

Years went by.  There was no progress.

Currently I have to explain “Top Chef.”

But last night surprised me.

We were watching an old rerun of “NCIS” – which is becoming the new “Law and Order” of syndication eternity.

My husband was engrossed.

At exactly 57 minutes into the show, Mark Harmon and the team were storming the old warehouse to rescue whoever it was… the way, it appears that the most dangerous military assignment in the world is the Annapolis Naval Base.  If you are in the Navy, you’d probably be safer in North Korea. Someone gets murdered every week in Annapolis…. it’s almost as dangerous as Cabot Cove… Never ever go to Maine….

as I was saying… 57 minutes into the show, at the extreme ultimate climax, he said the magic words:

“Oh, we saw this already.”



  1. That is too funny! I would write about things my hubby does….but he reads my blog everyday…..


    • I don’t usually let him read my blog. I scare him away by saying that it is mostly “girly stuff.”


      • Smart. Very smart.
        This is funny! My husband says he never watches TV, but he watches it more than he thinks he does.


  2. Wow. He almost made it through! To what do you attribute his record time on this particular episode?
    BTW – the Cap’n and I always had the exact same discussion at the beginning of Boston Legal. This is why we don’t watch T.V. together anymore.


  3. pharphelonus

    Linc on Mod Squad was a badass.


  4. My husband was the TV watcher while he was growing up. He still loves it and he should say, “Oh, we saw this already”. He repeatedly watches all of his favorites. I don’t know how he does it. He’ll still watch MASH if I’m not around to complain.


  5. RVingGirl

    Fabulous post.
    My husband would watch MASH too every day if I didn’t make a meal of it by constantly complaining about the dumb one-liners and the laugh machine.
    BTW I LOVE Mark Harmon and his shy sweet little half smile.I could have breakfast across from him every morning. Whoa….better make that lunch, after I am “fixed up” for the day.
    Nancy you make every little bit of your life SO interesting….


  6. Yuck… I had a typo IN MY TITLE. Spell-check, where are you?


  7. I’ve turned on the TV with my own hands exactly once in my entire adult life (only to discover that it didn’t work, but that’s another story), but Hubby is an avid TV watcher. Every now and then if I’m on my way through the living room, I’ll perch on the arm of the sofa and watch a few minutes with him. I’ve probably watched a grand total of 5 hours of TV in the last year.

    It drives him absolutely nuts when I drift through the living room, glance at the screen, and say, “Oh, this is (insert name of program here). You saw this already.”

    Sorry. It’s just an evil part of my nature. Maybe your husband is doing it on purpose to get your goat. 🙂


  8. Is that actually a fact about Annapolis Naval Academy?! Wow!! Yikes!!!


    • No, but it sure seems like it from the NCIS murder rate….


  9. Ha ha 😀 This was TOO funny!

    We (Phil and I) love(d) Boston Legal too. Otherwise we’re completly different when it comes to TV taste. Whereas I love anything brain-fastfood related he loves historical documentation or wildlife.

    I think he’d be happiest, if they made a documentary about Hitler’s dogs! (Somehow now that I’ve typed this line it sounds familiar and I wonder if I stole it somewhere. Very possible, b/c it’s way wittier than my usual, which says a lot 😉 )


  10. Circus Boy! Gosh, I loved that show…


  11. Diane

    Circus Boy later became Mickey on The Monkees. I was a fan of both.


    • More evidence,Diane, that we are EXACTLY the same age!


  12. Now, I have the exact opposite. Cup Cake will look at a show, a show that neither of us have ever seen, and then she will swear up and down, to beat the band, that we HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE and no amount of reasoning or logic will change her mind.

    Where is Spock when your really need him?



    • Are you sure you dare mind-meld? Or, look at it this way: that’s that many more movies out of the way, so you can move on the rest! d:^)


    • I have that deja-vu experience all the time. There are only about five plot lines in all of television.


  13. You’re way too funny. Are you sure you’re not making this up. Absolutely loved it.


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