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The Limit

Yesterday, I warned the dogs: “I am at my limit.” This warning was at a decibel level that surprised even me. I don’t think I have been that screechy-loud since the day about sixty years ago, when the gang playing Red Rover thought it would be funny to just let go when I ran full-tilt …

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Measuring Refuge

A wise friend commiserated with me about the frustration and anger that engulfs me in dealing with some of the awfulness in the world. I remember an old “Far Side” cartoon. I will not repost it here, because Gary Larson has asked that people not do that, and I respect him too much to go …

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Moving On

Do you ever find yourself in this situation? … (Oh, please say you do… I do not want to feel like the weirdest person in the room)  … You are getting a bit low on some product – it could be toothpaste or hair spray or even salad dressing, so the next time you are …

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Another Amazing Day

I am trying very hard not to freak out (at best) or have a total mental collapse (at worst) over the state of our country. I worry. I want everything to work out. I feel powerless. I do a little in the political realm, but not much. Because I fear an impending total mental collapse …

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Teeny Tiny Joys

This is a tough time for old hippies like me. We joined the establishment decades ago, but tried throughout to keep our values intact. We’ve championed the needs of the poor and the powerless, worked to protect human rights and preserve the environment, protested war and corruption – all while also trying to support our …

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The Joys Of August

It’s August. The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking. I worry. I want us all to be okay. I am from the Woodstock generation, after all. I thought – for a very …

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Political Pledge

I’ve been through a lot of election cycles. I don’t remember Truman (though I was alive during his presidency)  and I vaguely remember Eisenhower as president… not as candidate. The first election I remember is Kennedy’s. I was nine. I remember how excited the nuns were back in 1960 – with a Catholic running for …

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So Dumb, I Had To Share

Not my usual post, but SO worth sharing. And I know he is absolutely correct. I just had peanuts for lunch, and I can feel them right now gathering in my vagina.     The Daily Buzz    

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Searching For Middle Ground

It’s finally warm in Connecticut. So I wanted to wear one of my favorite silk cardigans to work. I was looking for some pants that would match, and I came upon an old pair of crops in my closet.  They are a pretty taupe color, and would go great with my sweater. I haven’t worn …

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