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No Pictures Please

Last night I made a fabulous caprese salad.  It wasn’t actually fabulous because of anything I did – but how can you go wrong with tomatoes and basil straight from the garden, and fresh mozzarella – all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil? It was so delicious and so beautiful, that I immediately pulled out …

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There’s No Escaping Me

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a quote by one of my favorite authors. It resonated with me, and I posted it on my Facebook author page: Yes. Yes.  This is not only why I read – it is also why I write. I love taking myself to another world and living an alternative …

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Double Exposure

I started blogging at sixty. And each year on my birthday, I have posted a new photo There’s two reasons why I share my selfie every year: 1.  Affirmation.  My photos are my way of showing the world (well, a minuscule part of it) that it’s not so bad to be in your sixties. I’m …

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The Family Album

Last year, I wrote that I am among the most patient people in the world. (Just You Wait) I love traffic jams and long lines at the grocery store.  For me, waiting is permission to be lazy. The plane is late?  Great. I have an excuse to do nothing. It’s not my fault. But I …

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Winning Lizzie

A few days ago, I asked for your interpretive suggestions for my cryptic note, “Lizzie Borden Mugshot”. You certainly had some creative ideas – none of which reminded me of what I meant when I wrote those words. It appears I have permanent Lizzie amnesia. However, you did prove to me that you all know …

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