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The older I get, the more I desire to be true to myself. That can be a little tricky for women. We have so many faces. I see my husband – and other men – who seem to have one role, one face. “This is who I am.” they say. And it is who they …

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Help Wanted

I am interviewing again. The last time I had an open position, I researched the latest advice on evaluating candidates. Recent studies demonstrated that a person’s smell was just as good an indicator of character as a personality test (Snow White and the Smelly Dwarfs). That took the selection process to a whole new level. …

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Snow White and the Smelly Dwarfs

Psychology often smells a little fishy to me: LiveScience reported a new study published in the European Journal of Personality – a study of human personality scents.  Yeah, scents, not sense. The subjects wore plain white T-shirts for three nights, and were instructed to avoid fragrant products, smoking, drinking, and even smelly food.  Then other …

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